Teen hearing a voice


For the past 6 months my 15 yr old daughter has randomly heard a female call her name. Beginning while in an apartment waiting for our home to be built. Now it has happened in our new home.

This is a very well-adjusted, normal teen with no history of mental illness or drug/alcohol abuse. There is no consistent time/place she hears the voice. This is not a plea for attention, etc. She is very frustrated and was visible shaken after the last experience.

I have spent hours on the internet trying to find some answers. Should I visit with my priest about the experiences?


I would seriously recommend you get in contact with a mental health professional. This is very common in biplar disorder and sometimes depression. My daughter was diagnosed as bipolar when she was 18, and one of her symptoms was hearing someonecalling her name.


I agree with the previous poster. You always want to rule out the medical problems first.


there are two proffessionals you should consult, with your daughter there to answer questions they have, and with her knowledge and consent.

a) a physcologist
b) a priest

My reasoning for this is two-fold. Mental illnesses can develop at any time, making that a real possibility - and the sooner diagnosed, the better treatment options and the more likelihood of living a perfectly normal life despite that particular triel.

But I am not mentally ill, and I have heard a voice before as well. When I was thirteen, I prayed for the first time in my life, and I was answered - by a female figure, a mother figure, who stepped in and taught me to trust God and has since stepped out. Hearing her voice was different than I would’ve expected, because it was more like ‘feeling’ her voice than ‘hearing’ it, if that makes any sense at all. It is an experience that is very difficult to convey. But it certainly was not the sign of a mental illness, rather it was a new beginning in my experience of being called to be close with God.

Your daughter is very blessed, either with something to make her grow spiritually a lot more directly, or with a trial that, handelled well, could lead her to help a lot of people who need help the most in our society.

Most of all, whatever happens, stand behind her, love her, support her, and and let her know that your love of her and respect for her will not change whatever happens.



I did a lot of work in the mental health field. As your daughter is in her teens, that is when Scizophrenia begins to show. Get her to a psychiatrist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The earlier this is caught the better. It’s regulated with meds, but she NEEDS to stay on them even when she “feels better”


I second this. PLEASE don’t wait. PLEASE. If this is a mental illness that she is dealing with, not getting it treated can cause severe damage.


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