Teen Lenten Devotional


I have a 14 year daughter whose faith is more compliant, than perhaps personal and genuine. I would like to offer her a small devotional for lent that she might read and guide her to faith. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!



The best for anyone are the "Little Black Book" for Lent.

Also, the Magnificat Lenten Companion.

You will find some wonderful on-line studies at www.lovethechurch.com/lent

ETA - "Safe Fasting For Teens" from Ligori is :thumbsup:


Thank you Kage_ar for your reply. I found a copy of the little black book at a local parish I attended for Ash Wednesday, and I while I think it is a good devotional, it isn't quite what I was looking for. Also, I am familiar with Magnificant, but I have never actually seen their lent publication. I don't think, as beautiful as they are, that it is what I am looking for.

I realize I have started my search later than I should have. I am hoping still to find something that is more engaging, yet faithful, for someone around 14 years old, who isn't excited about faith, but goes along with it. I can't believe I am alone here, because it looks to me like most of the Catholic teenagers I see may go along with the faith, but few seem genuinely engaged. I want to bring my daughter a little closer, and I am afraid most material might run a little on the dry side for someone not reaching out on their own.

I'm still looking for lent, but this is something that is ongoing.




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