Teen masturbation/impurity

Hi, well to be straightforward, I’ve had problems with impurity ever since I was young

I don’t know what triggered it, no impure acts have been committed/witnessed by/to me when I was a child, but for some reason it’s just there. Even before I knew what masturbation was/that it was a sin, I was doing it.

It has vastly improved from 4 years ago (when it was at it’s high) but I still desperately want to get rid of it completely. I have no problem going without it, I’ve gone 2 months+, but it just seems that randomly I give in (the temptation of looking at impure images don’t aid with the whole situation). I’m a very faithful person, though I haven’t been to confession in over a year (almost 2).

Spring break just started and I went 2 months without committing the act, but I gave in a few days ago and have done it multiple times. I always feel remorseful after but this hasn’t happened (doing it multiple times) in a very long time. And it never lasts long, it seems as if after the whole thing is committed (5 minutes or so) I immediately regret it and stop. I know the trigger to this (an indirect video).

I know that going to confession will aid me in my quest for stopping, but next to that, I’d like to know what you’ve used in the past to not only stop masturbation, but impure thoughts/lust as a whole.

I’m terrified of death and going to hell. Everytime I think of it I start crying/becoming depressed. Please pray for and help me. I’m a teenager, I know I will make mistakes but this is eating me inside and I know that I need to put a stop to it completely, so again, tips of any kind will help.

Oh and to note, this has always happened in the night time (around 12am+, I sleep very late as I’m a night person). I also wear my communion cross and a saints bracelet (though I tend to remove the bracelet. It’s horrible, I know. But in the past wearing multiple things (the scapular, more bracelets, etc. has helped immensely, I just can’t seem to find them anymore :()

Thank you in advance. I desperately want to change. God bless.

There are two things to say:

  1. Do not fear hell. Sometimes we give in to temptation - nobody is immune from it - but contrition allows us to hope in the mercy of God. It sounds to me like you are contrite and, although you would need to obtain the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the restoration of your State of Grace in order to be able to receive Communion, you are still able to hope for salvation if you are contrite. God is pure love: I am confident that he will not turn away from someone who is genuinely sorry for what they have done.

  2. A tactic to help stop that I have found useful in my life…

Consider that Our Blessed Lord once said ‘whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me’

Would you look upon Our Lord in an impure way? I doubt anyone with faith would. Keep that thought in your mind - it’s a good thought, and works for all situation where we consider other people and our actions regarding them - it will help. The more you concentrate on that, the stronger your defences will become.

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Dex’s advice is spot on.

I have also been dealing with this particular sin for the majority of my life, so I understand how hard it is to stop. I also understand how easy it is to be consumed by fear whenever you fail; but, God is love, and love is merciful. So long as you are truly working to stop (which it seems you are) I don’t think you should be too afraid… though, still go to confession as soon as possible.

The only advice I can give you is to say the Rosary daily, attend confession regularly, and ask God daily to give you strength to live out His will.

God bless, I will pray for you and ask that you do the same for me ^^

First if you have something about porn for example movies or picture or other porn media, you need to delete or throw them away. I hope that God’s love is coming for you right now. If you have felt His Love you will be free from it. Pray hard, read your bible and listen to Christian songs-(works well for me), get close to Him everyday and i believe you can reject all those temptation!

Do not give up and I will be praying for you too.

God Bless you!

What’s helped me is praying the liturgy of the hours everyday and right on the hour when they’re suppose to be said. I wake up at 6 am, say lauds, and then begin my day. (yeah, that’s right, i wake up at 6 in the morning every day.) then i pray some rosaries and divine mercy chaplets throughout the day, and at 6 pm I pray vespers. Then finally i pray Compline right before bed.

You said that it usually happens at night, so making yourself wake up at 6 am every morning to pray lauds is probably gonna change your sleep schedule, thus making you asleep during your most vulnerable moment.

You could also try praying the rosary every night at midnight

I recommend having a strong devotion to Our Lady and Saint Joseph :-). Please go to the confessional though, because the graces recieved from there truly help :).

My prayers are with you,
God bless you in all of your holy pursuits :)!

I didn’t read anything but the headline, but I’ll give what I think is the ONE REALLY EFFECTIVE strategy for dealing with this sin.


The sex drive is a powerful drive. That is a fact.

But there ARE bigger things in life. There ARE BETTER things in life. Sexual pleasure, in the big picture, is a pretty minor and fleeting urge and pleasure.

But when you HAVE NOTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE of consequence, the sex urge can see pretty almighty.

So, commit yourself to something BIG and GREAT.

What shall that be? You decide!

It could be something like one of these:

-I’m going to get rich by age 20 (or 30)
-I’m going to cure cancer! (it’s possible)
-I’m going to get into an Ivy League college on a full scholarship
-I’m going to end poverty in the whole world by the year 2025
-I’m going to end homelessness in the USA
-I’m going to bring 100,000 lost souls into faithful and loving communion with God and God’s Church in the next 5 years
-I’m going to win an Olympic gold medal
-I’m going to become a medical doctor so that my mother will be proud of me.
-I’m going to marry a supermodel.
-I’m going make a film in Hollywood that is 100% Catholic.

If I were sitting across from you know, I’d maybe slap you in the face like a Mafia don and say, “Be a man!”

This is all hunky dory but I tend to find that extreme stress can cause “solitary acts against chastity” because those acts relieve stress. Encouraging someone to do the above may have the opposite effect.

I noticed the OP’s username suggests she is a girl. Guys usually get the heat for this issue but I think that is mainly a cultural issue. I would suggest if the OP is a girl that maybe she can work to raise awareness about women’s sexual issues in this department. Maybe there are girls out there like yourself with no one to turn too and think they are abnormal because this is a “guy thing.” Maybe you can research the topic and unite them in Christ.


Some have given sound advice here; Confession (often), Eucharist (daily if possible), living a Christ-like life…excellent and necessary to be sure.

But I can offer you a website to help with what I would classify as “sexual addiction”, because I know first-hand what it is: saint-mike.org/csgsar/bb3/index.php. This is the Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery (CSGSAR)

I am 50 and have struggled with sexual addiction (lust, pornography, fantasy, masturbation, you-name-it…) for 40 years now. It is, to say the least, extremely difficult at times. But I can tell you that by putting all of your trust in God the Father and asking for His Grace to keep you pure and chaste, is the only way that has worked for me. I still have bad days, but if I trust 100% of the time in His Providence, I will be okay.

Visit the site above as a guest and see what if it is right for you. By the way, there are a pretty good number of women on that site…you are not alone!!

Dear Catholic Girl

I’m a 21 year old guy struggling with the same sins. i know how difficult it is and want you to know that you’re not alone!

The problem with porn is that it reveals too little of the people - not too much! This is because as catholics we should be interested in the person’s feelings…not their sexuality.

I think masturbation has held me back from finding a spouse because i expend my sexual energy chasing my own pleasure than chasing a girl to love to pieces! It’s left me really lonely and humiliated because people can understand why i dont have a girlfriend.

Porn destroys people’s dignity. Wasnt our Lord Jesus stripped just before he was crucified?? Therefore we should not encourage the porn industry by watching it.

A thought that i use to counter my sexual desires is to consider the damage your actions could do to your future marriage. The thought that my masturbation could break up my marriage or even hurt or offend my future wife could bring me to tears! There’s nothing i want more than to be able to make my future wife’s live full of love and happiness. My huge sex drive could stop that from happening, so i need to sort things out for her and for Jesus.

Hopefully as a guy thats not much older than you, my support may bring that extra bit of comfort. i’m sorry that i cant offer you a solution to ‘our problems’, but i can offer you my prayers!

May God help you to get over this hurdle.

God bless!

I can sympathise :blush:
My advice would be to spend less time online if that makes it worse for you and if you feel you have any mental health issues then to get that sorted out :).

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