Teen sues DMV after being told to remove makeup


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A 16-year-old in South Carolina sued the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday because the agency won’t allow him to take a driver’s license photo wearing makeup.


Apparently this boy is “gender nonconforming”.


I hope this case gets dismissed. This stuff has gone way too far.




Poor confused kid. Hopefully the DMV stands their ground and doesn’t cave. Last thing he needs is to be further encouraged in his confusion.


So do I. There is a perfectly rational reason for identification pictures. The alternative of having 3 or 4 different pictures to match our mood of the day would be too burdensome. It is time everyone learned that life in society is not “all about me.”


My state has an odd mix of conservatism and liberalism that isn’t really centered around population density.


Quoting from the news article:

The agency refused, citing DMV policy saying that “at no time will an applicant be photographed when it appears that he or she is purposely altering his or her appearance so that the photo would misrepresent his or her identity.”

I suppose what it comes down to is whether Chase normally wears makeup and female clothing. If so, then doing so for the DMV photo would not involve an alteration of appearance.


:thumbsup:Best answer of the day. Factual, non-judgmental, void of emotion…I can still not like the idea of the kid wearing makeup, but my opinion is not germane to the story.


Would they have allowed him to wear makeup if it were simply foundation and concealer, things used to hide blemishes? No lipstick or eyeshadow, just the basic things?

Even women are not supposed to wear very much makeup in their driver’s license photo.


I completely agree with you.


Yep. The way I see it, both sides have a point.

Chase normally dresses that way, so the photo would not be an alteration of appearance. At the same time, he may have only been asked to meet the same makeup rules as women.

But overall, I think I side with the DMV here. No/minimal makeup is a very reasonable rule for ID photos. And that’s true whether or not transgenderism is involved.


I don’t know if I buy the argument that it wasn’t that he was wearing make-up but that he was wearing too much make-up. I’ve seen women at Motor Vehicle with much more make-up on than what they showed in the video attached to that article. It would be interesting if they can show that they’ve ever told a woman she’s worn too much make-up for her license picture.


That was kind of my first thought, too. A lot of women wear waaay too much makeup, and if one were to see them without it, they would be barely recognizable!


I don’t support the idea that you are born the wrong gender, but given our legal system it seems to me this boy has every right to wear as much makeup as he wants. Sex bias is illegal and to allow women to wear makeup, and I’m sure for many plenty of it, and disallow men to do the same is illegal. I hope the feminists are supporting this boy since they care so much about equality.


My thoughts exactly. If his video was anything to go by for how much make up he wears I got my picture taken with a lot more make up than that, no questions asked.

I don’t get why he’d want to do it either but hey ho, it takes all sorts. Let the kid wear his slap, I know I’d have been pretty miffed if I’d been told to remove mine.



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