Teen sues FWCS to wear 'boobies' bracelet


With all the real constitutional issues like the attack on the First Amendment’s free exercise clause, and the disregard shown by the Obama administration for the Tenth Amendment in health insurance reform, the ACLU still finds the time to litigate this silliness in our federal courts. Eventually they might sue the schools for failing to teach a majority of students to read at grade level.

At least they may be distracted from forcing public schools to deny the existence of Santa Claus.

if this was an “I Heart Jesus” bracelet that was taken away, the ACLU would not get involved since they are anti christian.

The school and some feminists would argue that the term “boobies” sexualizes the victims of breast cancer and concentrates all of the attention somehow on the breasts rather than on the individuals and saving their lives-------“save the breasts, not the lives themselves.”

But yes, I agree-------political correctness has gone amok. Tyranny in the name of tolerance and niceness. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

As a teacher, I can tell you that even if the cause is just, schools should have a right to regulate attire. Infact, working in a public school, I wish we had uniforms. It would remove many issues we have regarding dress code violations. Private schools know what a positive effect uniforms have.

That is a common misconception. Here are a few of the recent cases they have taken in defense of Christian religious freedom

The ACLU of New Mexico (2012) filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Christian street preachers who were arrested multiple times for exercising their First Amendment rights by preaching in public.

The ACLU of Texas (2011) opposed a public high school’s policy prohibiting students from wearing visible rosaries and crosses in the Brownsville Independent School District. aclutx.org/2011/11/18/aclu-of-texas-demands-brownsville-isd-disclose-policies-banning-rosaries-and-crosses-at-school

The ACLU of Nebraska (2011) opposed a policy at Fremont Public School that would prevent students from wearing Catholic rosaries to school.

The ACLU of Virginia (2011) defended the free religious expression of a group of Christian athletes in Floyd County High School who had copies of the Ten Commandments removed from their personal lockers.

There are more cases if anyone is interested.


Don’t be so sure of that; it sounds prejudiced. The ACLU has been involved in a number of freedom of religion cases on the religious side.

That’s not really true. The ACLU can sometimes go for ridiculous things like this “boobies” bracelet, but they definitely err on the side of defending anyone whose liberties may be under attack, and that includes Christians whose first amendment rights to publicly express their faith are squelched.

See Dale’s post for examples:

With all the news stories about misbehaving teachers lately, I have a new appreciation for the time when I was in school and all the girls and teachers wore uniforms (religious habits), and the boys only had a dress code.

Back then, if a teacher decided that anything in the classroom was disruptive, the decision was final. No parent would take that decision to the ACLU. Personally that logic cost me a couple of classic Mad Magazine issues. I hope the good sisters enjoyed them.:smiley:

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