Teen Survived Kalamazoo Shooting After Being Pronounced Brain Dead


ABC News:

Teen Survived Kalamazoo Shooting After Being Pronounced Brain Dead

A 14-year-old girl wounded in a deadly shooting spree in Michigan this weekend was initially pronounced brain dead at the hospital before she squeezed her mother’s hand and was rushed to surgery, her family told authorities.
She is now in critical condition and “fighting for her life,” her family said.
The teen, who was shot in a Kalamazoo Cracker Barrel parking lot Saturday, was pronounced brain dead shortly after arriving at Bronson Methodist Hospital, Michigan State Police Lt. Dale Hinz told ABC News today.

Her family told the lieutenant that an hour or two later, the hospital was in the process of preparing her organs for donation when the girl squeezed her mother’s hand, he said.
The mother then asked her daughter to squeeze her hand again if she could hear her, and she did, Hinz said. The doctor asked the girl to give a thumbs up if she could hear him, and she gave two thumbs up, he added.

The hospital then immediately started prepping the 14-year-old for surgery, the lieutenant said.
The girl is in critical condition today, her family said in a statement, saying, “Our daughter’s prognosis is uncertain as she continues fighting for her life.”


That is exactly why I do NOT check “donor” on my drivers license. And I do NOT recommend anyone else to. They rush to judgement. Its like a buzzard hanging over , waiting to grab the organs.I do NOT trust “brain dead”!! God Bless, Memaw


I agree. Last night my husband was renewing my driver’s license online and asked if I wanted to be an organ donor. In the past I have said yes, but this time I said an emphatic “no!” He asked again to be sure and I said “no way, not anymore”.


Praying for her health & recovery as well as her family.


I respectfully disagree. In their defense, these surgeons have to act fast, or else the entire purpose of saving a living organ is defeated. There are always bad apples who ruin the bunch and cause everyone to think this about organ donating. However, *usually * these doctors are not “buzzards”; they do a lot of preparation before the operation to make sure the person is actually dead. Note that the girl was being prepared, not already being sliced open. Now, in my opinion, they should’ve put her on life support for a good period of time to both preserve the organs a little longer and see if she recovered! It’s a very controversial issue, but I have to say that it helps as much as it harms.

Also, usually when one is actually brain dead (ie not just in a coma), one is brain dead. There is no recovery. Just look up “waiting mortuaries”.

Disclaimer I am not a doctor or an expert, I’m just giving the other side of the view. :slight_smile:


Not exactly related, but this is one of the reasons I think we should still wrap strings around people and attach them to bells when they’re buried.


I get claustrophobic just thinking about that! :bigyikes:


That’s a good idea, one I wouldn’t mind, but with the way bodies are taken care of before the funeral, bells wouldn’t much matter (the lack of blood causes that). :wink: Seriously though, I was looking up some of the ways ancient doctors tried to make certain that patients weren’t dead. Yowza! Some of these make you hope for the person’s sake that they are dead! :eek: I thank God we’re more civilized now!!!


I’m praying.



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