Teen who committed murder at 14 receives 40 year sentence

Headline story from our local newspaper
comments? note the history of abuse in the child's life
case was hotly debated locally when the arrests were made and I have been following it because I work with the people who do prison ministry where she has been held.
she and a gang of friends, incited by 30 yr old male who picked her up in a park, beat, killed and robbed an old man

Hmm, I can’t say the sentence is unjust given the premeditation and brutality.

BUT I am often bothered by our system of plea-bargaining. This man was killed by a gang, of which Ms Gomez was one. What sentences have they received? Have they gotten off lighter by testifying against her?

I also hope she is not sent straight to adult prison where she will surely be victimised by other prisoners. I know a lot of my fellow Americans figure beatings and rape by other inmates are practically included in a prison sentence but that just leads to them coming out worse than they went in.

One less sociopath in the world. Good riddance.

Is the 40 years with or without the possibility of parole? Because if its without, I might argue that at such a young age that is very severe (although I’ve heard some teenagers in America have even got life without parole). If there is a possibility of parole after say 15, 20 years then she did commit a horrific, selfish murder for the purpose of stealing property. It doesn’t seem this guy ever molested her, so revenge isn’t even a motive. Lots of kids with that sort of horrible upbringing don’t murder or rob old men. So she deserves a long time in jail. 14-year olds know not to kill people.

It does seem a lot of the gang got off very lightly though. Did they plea-bargain, or only get convicted of robbery rather than conspiracy to murder?

The article states that sentences so far ranged from 5 yrs to life. I certainly don’t have enough information to make a judgement in this case, but she was the ringleader and committed other crimes in order to achieve the murder. Also, other suspects (all boys and young men) may have mitigating factors given the victims, shall we say, proclivities.

The history of abuse would matter if she killed her abuser, then she may have gotten off. Since it seems she and a bunch of friends cruelly killed an innocent old man, who was not her abuser, I have no sympathy. Such a person should be locked away for good.

A girl gets a gang of young men to beat an old man to death when he was restrained.

I say 40 years is not long enough. She may have had a difficult childhood, but not all those who have had difficult childhoods react like that, and there are those who have not had difficult childhoods who do act like that. I’d say that the difficulty of her childhood is unrelated to the crime, and people who commit crimes like that really need to be locked up forever with the key thrown away.

here is another take on the story
the supreme court has ruled the sentence of life w/o parole for a teen who may lack full culpibility for his actions is cruel and unusual punishment and overturned such a sentence, however this was not a murder case

Sentencing some juvenile criminals to life in prison without parole is “cruel and unusual” punishment, especially when their crime is not murder, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.


I would think that a child of 14 would have some knowledge of right and wrong; her conscience would have already been formed. She knew what she was doing was wrong. If she was the ringleader, she certainly should receive more time.
But in some ways I wonder if she couldn't be rehabilitated. 40 years....? That's a long time.

She murdered someone and so she received a just sentence. She’s lucky she didn’t receive a much more harsh sentence. And nobody can sit here and say that somehow her crime was less of a crime because she was abused when she was younger. I was abused quite severely as a preteen and teen, plus I witnessed the abuse of my mom as a young child yet I have no violent crime record whatsoever. The absolute only crime that I have ever committed was the crime of speeding, a misdemeanor.

That said, I hope that she receives intensive therapy during her stay in prison. She obviously needs it. I also hope that she repents of her sins, turns to God, and becomes baptized (if she is not already baptized), and goes to confession.

The article stated the case was a capital murder case…I believe that means the the Death Penalty could have been the sentence. I guess she is somewhat fortunate, if she serves 40 years.

What really bothered me is the premeditation of the murder and that she used the victim’s camera to photograph the beating. That shows a certain depravity and disrespect for life.

Very sad. :frowning:

An vicious and as (many have pointed out_ pre-meditated crime, and yet in the original link some of the comments by posters on that site made my flesh crawl. In particular someone who regales us with the fact that they would love to watch this tender teenager fry. Her actions are inexcuseable and a penalty has to be paid but I am troubled when we reduce any other human being to merely a label such as pyscho or similar tags. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware the gang culture this type of teenager operates in would despise my sympathy or concern for them but all the same are those like this girl not also fellow humans we should minister to.

The good citizens of Edinburg can sleep well tonight, knowing that she will not be breaking into any more homes and beating the defensless occupants to death. She was in counseling, she had a chance to address her problems but she made the decision to kill that man and she should pay the price for her actions.

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