Teenage Conversion

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I’m 15 years old and I have been “Catholic at heart” for the past 2 years, researching the faith as much as I could. Recently, my protestant dad recognized my Catholic views and told me I could start attending a Catholic church if I wanted to and even convert.

My spirit soared.

Now my question is, how would I go about converting? I’ve been baptized already as an infant with the Trinitarian formula (Anglican Church), so what steps would I take? Would they even let a teenager convert on his own?

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Step 1: Contact your local Catholic Church and inquire about reception into the Catholic faith.
They will place you in RCIA or you will receive private catechism lessons.

Step 2: FInd a sponsor; you will need one for Confirmation. Your sponsor should be a practical Catholic (sacraments in order et cetera) in good standing with the church.

Step 3: Attend Mass and read your Bible and Catechism.

Since you are validly baptized you need only make a profession of faith in the Catholic Church, receive first Confession, get confirmed and make your First Communion.

I was a teenage revert (fully initiated at 18 years).

Yes, you can convert on your own.

WELCOME HOME!!! God’s blessing, little sibling!

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The first step is find a Catholic church and tell them you want to convert. They will give you all the information you need for the exact process in that particular parish.

And yes, you should be allowed to convert as long as your parents are supportive of your decision. They will probably want to make sure that both you and your parents understand the obligations that go along with being Catholic, like attending Mass on Sunday and Holy Days, but as long as you all understand this and your parents are willing to be supportive of these obligations, there shouldn’t be a problem with you converting. :thumbsup:

The OP does not need to find a sponsor on their own. The RCIA coordinator will assist in this after they have begun the RCIA process.

Before First Communion, the OP will also have to go to Confession.

I just wanted to say welcome home!:smiley: I’m a convert as well, though I was in my Freshman year in college when I converted. (I will be entering the Church this Easter). I’m so happy that you have decided to embark on this journey. tbtcom1213 gave you a really good outline as to the process. God Bless!

My cousin converted when she was 16. The rest of her immediate family attends a Unitarian church but her parents gave permission. She received private instructions from a priest. I recommend the RCIA process if it is done well in your local parish because it helps you integrate into the parish.

Thank you all for the welcoming responses!! :slight_smile:

Out of curiousity, how long would RCIA or private catechism lessons take? (Don’t misunderstand me as wanting to get through the process quickly, in fact a longer process would be much more comfortable for myself and for my parents I’m sure)

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There isn’t an option for private catechism (unless you are at a really, really small parish and you are the only catechumen), you would learn with a group of people who will all be initiated into the Church at the same time. Usually, it takes at least a year, sometimes 2, with the initiation taking place the night before Easter morning.

I think it’s wonderful that your parents are honoring your call to the Catholic Church!

Can’t wait to hear about your journey into the Church You and your parents will be in my prayers!


It takes as long as it takes. :slight_smile: It will really depend on the parish. For adults, in most parishes, it usually takes about 9 months (school year time). For teens, it will most likely be about the same amount of time, but will just depend on how your parish is set up. Some parishes may have an RCIA class specifically for teens, others may include you with the confirmation prep, in others maybe even the adult RCIA. Really your best source for accurate info for your specific situation, is your local parish. :thumbsup:

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Welcome home. Godd bless your dad for his support.:thumbsup:

welcome home!
your first step is to contact the Catholic parish nearest you, or where you want to belong and make an appointment with the priest. He will refer you to the person in charge of the class for your age group. Yes at least one parent will at least have to give permission for you to participate if you are still a minor. Bring any record or information you have of your baptism. This is a good time of year to get started. Even if your formal instruction does not begin until september you can still begin attending mass and participating in parish activities, even youth group if they have one.

it takes as long as it takes. here, I usually put a high school student in the same Confirmation preparation as his peers in 9th-10th grade, because some of them are also preparing for confession and first communion as well. With the bishop’s permission he could make his profession of faith and be received either at the youth confirmation, or at Easter. An older teen would probably join an adult class, or go with college students on the nearby campus if that was more convenient.

Congratulations! I’m also still a teenager.

You have entered the race, and in the words of Saint Paul, let us never falter!


Welcome home, sweetie! We are so glad you are coming home!

Is it still considered first communion (and a requirement) if communion has already been administered in a protestant denomination? I know the Catholic Church accepts baptisms, but I don’t see how it could be “first” communion. I am curious for myself being raised Southern Baptist.

Just get a hold of your local Parish Priest…:slight_smile:

I too started when I was around 14 …and was “Catholic at heart” before I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church

If you need anything let me know!

make sure you read these vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/messages/youth/index_en.htm

Keep seeking to follow faithfully Jesus of Nazareth! He is our true life!

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