Teenage Dating Question

I read this interesting article by Catholic Lane about rules for dating.

One of the first things they said was:
“Please note that teenagers should never ‘date’ without supervision.”

So, what do you all think? Do you think that teenage couples can be allowed in public places without a parent or guardian on their every move (I’m talking about on roller coasters, in a park, or other public place).
I’m curious to know your thoughts and if there is Catholic teaching on this matter.


No dating for my daughter until she is 18. No dating one on one even with a chapanone. She can go out with a group of friends, fine. She may have a crush, fine. But she should enjoy high school and meet new friends and have fun and learn. No boyfriend’s! Easier said than done.


How old is your daughter now? Not until she is 18? Good luck with that.


She is only 15!

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Im almost 21, so Im pretty young still and have had these sorts of things happen in highschool and such.

Whats your goal? Marriage? Of course it should be. Teenage dating is just that, those fuzzy feelings and holding hands etc.
Reality hits in when it gets more personal, Ive had semi dating experiences as a teen, none of them went anywhere.

So should you be alone? No, if your actually serious then have company, treat it as a friendship. I learned this is called courtship or something along the lines of that. No hugs nor anything like. Because really, its teen dating, your still young and dont have a job or an actual living yet.

Its great you come looking for advice, but dating isnt a great idea unless you think long term, and even then its hard to tell cause if you are asking if you could be alone then thats already doubt.

This is coming from experience because on my semi dating i was alone with a girl, and i never really thought of anything. Its alot more sacred and serious when you realize love isnt all about being huggy and clingy and alone.

If I were you Id treat it as friendship and nothing more until older age for “dating”. Hope I helped a bit!


This is prudential judgment.

There are no teachings on dating or not dating. These are cultural constructs.

Remember, the age of consent in canon law for marriage is 14 for girls and 16 for boys.


Chaperone + embedded chip that sends me signal if body temp or HR rises above excited level

How do you know I’m asking for me? But interesting. I’ve heard it is fine for teen couples to hold hands and even a short hug. In the scenario I prevented, I was talking about a supposed couple with goals for the long term.

Of course a teen wouldn’t date in the same sense as an adult would, but I mean like going out for a person, winning prizes at a fair, and all of that other stuff.

Like I said, I might not be asking for myself, and I’m not in a relationship, regardless of my age :frowning: :laughing:. i just wanted to know.

Thank you for your response!

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Nice :laughing:

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Sorry I read and skim like im some jittery reader xD

Then in that case, they cant be alone. Holding hands nah. Hugs? Im not the one to say cause ive done that at least, but now I would say nah

We have the same rule for our kids. No dates until 18. Since we homeschool it is easier to enforce. But our kids are encouraged to consider what kind of spouse they want and factor that into college choices as that is where they will likely meet someone.

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I actually think if kids are homeschooled it might be easier to “enforce.” The rule was 16 for dating in our house, but honestly, none of them wanted to date or had any opportunities to do so until 17 or so, except a school prom or such, and that was always done in groups.


My granddaughter won’t date until she’s 25 if I’m still alive!


We could just skip age requirements all together. If you are old enough to drive a tank, you can date. And for my girls, if you are old enough to carry a weapon you can date.

I never had a girlfriend before I was 21. Dating is serious

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I think you can definitely share with your children your views on the matter and set some logical boundaries,like no sleepovers with the opposite sex, can’t be in each other’s bedrooms etc. Too may rules and restrictions may just lead them to go behind your back. Allowing some flexibility and freedom to even date would also allow some dialogue and openness while also giving them experience to learn and grow from

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I think that can be a viable opinion for some families. In ours however, it is not prudent. And I dont fear rebeliion. I’m no fool. I’m sure my 7 kids will make moral mistakes in life. But it is my job to protect them and guide them and prepare them for the world. So, rules it is!!

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How is making strict rules preparing them for the real world when they’ll be placed in difficult situations, surrounded by temptations, etc. Without experience and the knowledge of those things I think it would be easier to fall into "bad"things unless you continue to shelter them throughout their adult life. I doubt they’d be thinking… “What would my parents want me to do” etc


It’s all about communication. Rules for rules sake are a dumb idea. But rules and conversations about dating and marriage and choices are important. Like I said earlier, we homeschool. So dating is easy to postpone. But my kids are far from sheltered. It’s almost impossible to shelter with this culture and its obsession with sexual children. I feel pretty confident my daughters idea of a date will include axe throwing, the gun range, and adoration. So the boys better be able to keep up.


It is not so much a question of “Catholic Teaching,” but a matter of prudence. There was a time when it was expected that respectable families would send a chaperone out with their daughters when they went out with a boy. It wasn’t that long ago and there are many places where it still happens.

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