Teenage Hormones

I have a rather awkward and difficult question if anyone would care to answer it for me!
I’m a teenager in my 16th year so I’ve got pretty strong hormones which is quite annoying a lot of the time. I don’t masturbate however and I do my best to avoid impure thoughts. I don’t involve myself in impure acts with others either. So I try to be as chaste as I can. Now, there is one girl, I’m not officially courting or dating her because I want to be sensible wait until I’m older. However, sometimes when I’m with her I get a really annoying erection. At other times I feel it even when I just give her a hug or something simple like that. It’s a nuisance really. Now, bear in mind I’m not “sexually aroused/tempted”, I don’t feel a strong and uncontrollable desire to act, or any desire for that matter. It just seems to be a natural thing that happens when I’m happy to be around her, because I’m interested in her and would consider her for the future. I simply can’t help it. Again, it’s not that I have lustful thoughts that cause this to happen, it just does out of nowhere. Is this sinful, and should I literally stop being around her to stop this from happening? Or is it just something that happens when I’m happy to see her and am not necessarily sexually aroused? Thoughts on that one would be appreciated. Thanks.

Not sinful. Your body is built to have sexual intercourse. So it seems like your body is functioning normally. Good job using your brain to make intelligent choices. We are supposed to do that too.

Yes I agree, that’s very true indeed. And thanks very much by the way!

You’d have more to worry about if it didn’t happen.

If its involuntary you have nothing to worry about, except maybe wearing tight pants. I would avoid those.

16 and have had the same struggles as you OP! It’s a perfectly natural reaction that isn’t associated with lust or that. It’s perfectly fine.

God experience help when we are tempted to sin, the salvation experience par excellence. Who can translate? kathtube.at/player.php?id=38975

Mainly no.

The body can’t always tell the difference between different kinds of thoughts of anticipation (viz. coming up ASAP, vs. maybe coming up eventually). Here is not the place to get into the details of how and why.

Anyway, if you are annoyed enough to post on CAF about it, you’re good to go, because it indicates your will is working against a passion that could become sinful if left unchecked when in that situation. If you are only annoyed because it’s an embarrassing situation in the moment but have no problem with getting in the situation otherwise because you are actually “looking for something,” either physically or psychologically (i.e., “I’ll save this experience for later,” which would be the sin of curiosity), then there begins to be a problem…

If this was a sin there would be no way to relate between sexes without sin.

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