Teenage pregnancy and access to contraception: what does the evidence show?

Nursing Times, UK (PDF file)

Teenage pregnancy and access to contraception: what does the evidence show?

Since the Government launched its Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in 1999, millions of pounds have been spent on access to “confidential sexual health services” for young people. Many nurses are uncomfortable with providing such services to children under 16, especially without parental knowledge, but do so believing that they are helping to reduce the risks of early pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the latest data shows that pregnancy and abortion rates for under-sixteens are higher now than when the Strategy started. Given this, nurses may be questioning whether they have been right to go along with this policy and it will be helpful to understand what the academic evidence says on the issue.

We have a wealth of evidence, from both randomised trials and population-level studies, indicating that access to birth control has little if any impact on teenage pregnancy rates. To take one example, a 2007 Obstetrics and Gynecology review of the evidence relating to emergency birth control (EBC) concluded, “to date, no study has shown that increased access to [EBC] reduces unintended pregnancy or abortion rates”.

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Gee, you don’t mean the Holy Father was right?

Of course the Holy Father was right. Birth control is never certain, despite claims to the contrary. Nor is is a sure means of preventing STDs.

What this thread shows is misuse of statistics. Where’s your control? What would the pregnancy rate have been without the strategy?

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Uh, the past. How blind are your trying to be?

Sorry, scientific validity requires that you single out a particular factor as a cause. A citation of what happened in the past vs. what happened later is useless without figuring out a cause, not a coincidence.

No cause was identified, only trends. But then, you are an anti-Catholic bigot (despite upi your self-proclaimed “Catholicity”) so your opinion is not really worth anything.

Yeah, this teenage pregnancy stuff and what leads to it is very complex. :frowning:

Access to contraception may create higher risks… but everyone knows (or should know) that abstinence only education is usually an epic fail.

Kids just need to be taught and understood. :shrug: The more you know and understand, the more likely you’ll make better decisions. :yup:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Hmmm,in the 1940s and 50s, abstinence only was the only thing taught. Sure, some kids ended up with STDs, and some girls ended up pregnant, but very few. Illegimate births were at 3.9% and that was before abortion. That is what you call an epic failure.

What is the situation now? Over 1 million abortions a year and *still *38.5% illegitimacy rate.

When I was a teen, in the 80’s, my mother told me all about abstinence. She then told me all about birth control pills. :eek::eek:

I also got the talk about drugs. My father was in the military. Security Service. While we were overseas or stateside, but living on base and I had been caught with drugs, he would have lost his job. There was never any talk about how to do it without being caught.

I have to say that I forgot all about the talk about abstinence. I remembered the one about birth control.

To this day, I have never ever even tried drugs. (other than the OTC or given to me by a doctor. talking about illegal drugs here.)

Not a scientific study, by an means. But it makes me wonder why right along with the abstinence talk, we talk to kids about birth control.:shrug:

Yeah, but those were different times. Now, sex is becoming more–well, “famous” (or infamous, if you’d like to call). It’s everywhere: schools, media, etc. Kids will feel whatever urges their hormones have blessed them with; some will act, others won’t. They need to have that sex talk with their parents as opposed to parents telling them “don’t do it” and think everything will be alright. :shrug:

I remember watching the news and they were talking about a study between girls who’ve taken virginity pledges versus girls who don’t: Both are at about the same risk of having premarital sex (which I found odd :ehh:). The difference? Girls who have taken these pledges are more likely to have unprotected sex (which makes sense, I guess :shrug:).

As far as average human goes, instinct can be more powerful than will, especially when sex is involved. :o But, not all hope is lost. That’s where a good education comes in! :thumbsup:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

So since society as has become more and more immoral we must expect our children to not strive for a more moral life? Sorry I believe God intends us to teach our children the moral way of living in the World not the immoral way of being OF the world. Of course the do as I say not as I do thing still does not work. Parents, teachers and others that are looked up to my the youth need to show high standards and morals also.

Precisely. We need to provide a more-than-just-decent education. Abstinence is good, but you have to provide other alternatives just in case. It isn’t uncommon that you forget teenagers like me have a mind of their own. I was raised by excellent parents who gave me great information and advice–they told me about birth control, other contraceptives, and made few mentions of abstinence, and I turned out just fine… so far. I’m still a virgin and I am proud to admit that. :smiley: Unfortunately, I do have friends who were deprived of the sex talk and were only exposed to abstinence only; a fair few of them are sexually active. :shrug:

Oh, and don’t put words in my mouth. I said nothing about lowering standards. :wink:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

We taught abstinence. Our just in case was to inform our children that we were willing to help support them and their child if they became an unwed-parent.

That works too. :smiley: But, you have to remember that there are parents who aren’t as nice as you may be.

Personally, I don’t buy the “child abuse” argument in favor of abortion, but child abuse does happen to young girls who have gotten pregnant or obtained an STD. It’s not a pretty thought. :frowning: But, I do see where you’re coming from. :o

“Obtained an STD”. :rotfl: I love your choice of words!.

Okay, humor break over.

I tend to agree with you here. The pro-abortionist crowd alwsys points to the exceptional and rare situations in order to somehow justify the murder of children in cases there are not exceptional or rare. There is much exaggeration, and outright falsehood, from this crowd. I think this also applies to the “poverty” argument.

I just can’t get excited about this. One of the most powerful natural forces is the drive of any species, specifically including humans, is to reproduce. Girls are equipped to have babies and men are equipped to sire them. This is what they do, it is what they have always done,l and they won’t let anything get in the way. Access to contraception, preaching about abstinence, attempts to keep the sexes separate, none of these will prevent nature from having its way. The species will survive.

Awesome response! :thumbsup: That pretty much hits the nail on the head. :yup:

Sincerely Yours. :heart:

That must explain priestly celibacy and the perpetual chastity of nuns and monks.

It is good to know that free-will and self control do not apply.

So as you see it we are all just animals and we have no moral restraint that can work. If this is so them why till the “pill” became so easy to get were less them 3% of all births our of wedlock?

I admire you for your positions and agree fully with it. We always told our children that we would stand behind them and support them in any difficulty. If a daughter of mine got pregnant I would want her and my grandchild to be well cared for and loved. I really don’t see any other option. I think it is important for parents to remember than no matter how smart or well-informed their children are or seem to be, parents are still superior to them in experience should be ready to use that experience when the chips are down.

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