Teenager wants independence


Join me in praying for my 18 year old daughter. She has a lot of anger (not sure why) and recently moved away.
She wants to quit school and job, has no car, lost her cell phone.
We continue to encourage her to come home and pray that God keeps her safe.

Mom & Dad


You and your family have my prayers…:crossrc::crossrc::crossrc:


We don’t really know what goes through a teenagers head do we?
We have all been there. The harmones drive them crazy. I will pray for your daugher now and again tonight. Prayer really does work, God healed my daughter of similar problems and the anger disappeared (replaced by “I’m so sorry mom”).

God I pray for this family in their time of need. I pray for this young girl who has no idea of the real world. Give her a nudge Lord and send her home to her parents.

In Jesus name…AMEN


Your daughter is in my prayers…


O God, our heavenly Father, who loves mankind and are a most merciful and compassionate God, have mercy upon Your servants shubbysr and their daughter for whom I humbly pray to You to care for and protect. O God, be their guide and guardian in all their endeavors, lead them in the path of Your truth, and draw them nearer to You, so that they may lead a godly and righteous life in Your love as they do Your will in all things. Give them Your grace, and mercy so that they may be patient, hard working, tireless, devout and charitable. Defend them against the assaults of the enemy, and grant them wisdom and strength to resist all temptation and corruption, and direct them in the way of Salvation, through the goodness of Your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the prayers of His Holy Mother and the blessed saints. Amen.


Praying a wall of protection around your daughter. This might sound a little weird but it works for me with my boys. I ask my guardian angel to send them help and bring them home safe. Protect them from the evil one and wisper in their ears to come home now.

Praying for you all to have the wisdom and knowledge on how best to help her. That she will open up to you and you may know what is causing her anger. Actually she may not even know why herself.


Praying for this young lady that she may be guided in the way she should go.


We are grateful for all the prayers. Daughter came home yesterday. She has a job for 2 weeks with uncertainty, quit school & signed a new phone plan.
We will continue to be strong and prayer for guidance.

Mom & Dad


Praise God she is home!!! We will keep her in our prayers.





Praying for guidance for you all, and especially that your daughter is lead by the only true light in the universe…HIS Holy Light. Amen.

I hope you all can heal wahtever caused her to leave in the first place. God be with you all.


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