My friend wants to come back to the faith. He is 14, does not attend Church and is low in knowledge on the Catholic Faith. I had given him a Rosary, Scapular, and several Catholic Prayer cards. What else can I do to help him?

Just continue with being a good example to your friend, and pray for him. I’ll say a prayer for him too:)

I don’t know how old you are, but perhaps if you are of similar age, you can arrange to meet and go to Mass together, provided his parents give him permission to be out without their direct supervision?

Mass is a communal experience. We need to take part in it with other people. What better way to help a friend experience that than by going along with him?

It’s great that you are so concerned about your friend. I became a Christian because friends invited me to their student group. Does your parish have a youth group he can go to? Can you introduce him to your Catholic friends?

Definitely take him to Mass with you!

I would also pray for him, but also as him if he would like you to pray the Rosary WITH him. That is a wonderful thing. Online and in your parish or diocese you should be able to find little primers and catechetical leaflets, perhaps full catechisms. Try and give him one, and also tell your priest that you have a friend willing to “come home”.

St Mary MacKillop is able to help, so do say a prayer to her!

God Bless :signofcross::byzsoc:
P.S. if you have any question, PM me. I’m familiar with this, however my advice would be useless without the contribution of those here on CAF too.

One of the biggest things I’ve ever experience with evangelization of people in this circumstance is just to talk to him. I’m sure he has doubts about Transubstantiation and other Catholic teachings. I would sit with him and talk in an open and comfortable environment like a mall or restaurant and discuss Theology with him. Introduce him to the Youcat and the Bible.

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