Teens and Apologetics

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I was wondering if any of you had some good pointers and how-to advice on Apologetics and defending the Faith. I mean for the age range of teens, girl teens to be precise. It would be great if you could list some how-to’s from your own experience and research. What would you tell teenage girls about defending the Faith, how should they do it, what should they do first, and so on. How about especially in the realm of Defending Life from abortion, euthanasia, etc?
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I would like to know how to better defend the faith too. I am just starting out in the church, and having much opposition by my family.

There are many teens on this forum who would be happy to help out.

Some hang out in the Water Cooler so feel free to check there too.

I believe teens can really benefit from the standard information on this website, since truth is truth and if you understand the faith you will be able to explain any misconceptions others have and clear things up.

You can also check out these websites

If you have the chance I really suggest getting some of these CD’s you only have to pay for shipping so it would only cost a couple dollars.
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I’m confused, what exactly you’d like to know, so, I’ll just talk and you can clarify later. :smiley:

What would you tell teenage girls about defending the Faith, how should they do it, what should they do first, and so on. How about especially in the realm of Defending Life from abortion, euthanasia, etc?

Remember the parable about the house built without a strong foundation, that was washed away in the storm? Instead, build your house on a strong Rock-- and when the rains came, the house still stood, because the foundation was strong.

Never neglect the basics, because otherwise you’re building on nothing. Don’t assume people should know any one aspect of the faith, but make sure they understand the various constituents.

By this I mean, defend doctrine and dogma in general, and then go to specific issues like abortion, but only after you’ve grounded them in everything else. I’m of the opinion that you can **NEVER EVER EVER **do too much Eucharistic catechizing. You simply can’t do too much of that.

I think it’s the perfect point for pious young Catholics to learn about, because as JPII noted, the Eucharist is the ‘source and the summit’ of our faith. Think about it-- if you realize that we have the Real Presence of Christ, you’ll want to receive. If you want to receive, you’ll want to be free of mortal sin-- so you’ll want to go to confession. If you want to go to confession, you’re going to have to start living a more holy life. See, it’s like a check and balance. (And as a side note to that, you can explain how only validly ordained priests can confect the Sacrament-- which pretty much means they’ll understand why the Catholic Mass is so important. Never forget to make them understand why we do things. Even the simplest of explanations can clear up the common misconception that Catholics ‘make stuff up.’)

Sorry for my rambling, but I do sincerely believe that. :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, teens enjoy apologetics. That is when it is presented properly. The beauty of the truth is that it makes sense. So when they see the rationalle and the history of the CC it makes complete sense to them. They are not as sceptical as the adults. For some reason, they can see straight lines when it is drawn in front of them.

I think young teens 12 and onwards need to learn the apologetics of the faith not for the sole purpose of defending themselves but rather in edifying their faith from the intellectual side. This cannot be neglected.

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Try Peter Kreeft’s Socrates dialogues.
Patrick Madrid’s also good.

All I can say is… do your research. know your stuff. but above all: LOVE. don’t EVER take an “i’m right, you’re wrong, shut up and leave” attitude. LIVE YOUR FAITH - don’t study for vocab tests during mass, etc. Make Catholicism attractive. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Live so people envy the joy you have… so they want it… and want to know where you get it…

I pick fights (well, “deep theological discussions” is a more accurate term) with my friends, the noncatholic or semicatholic ones. I enjoy it, they enjoy it… my best advice is to know enough so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

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