Teens Coming Out


As a teen myself, I’ve noticed a lot of teenagers coming out as some sort of identification in the lgbtq+ range.
Granted, I participate in theater which attracts a good amount of those teens but it actually shocked me just how many there were.
There are 5 that I can think of off the bat and definitley more that I do not know personally.
I’ve been asked myself what I identify as and have always said straight because that’s completely true.
However, am I supposed to be saying something else? Am I supposed to say anything about how all of that isn’t right? I have asked one or two people about their sexuality because I was confused by stuff I’d heard them say and I also didn’t want to be in a tough place if I said something that made me look like an idiot because I didn’t know.

I do pray for these teens that they would find God and follow whatever His Divine Will is for them and I usually leave it at that and try not to engage or be involved in the conversations surrounding such. Is there any advice you could give if I’m supposed to say something?


Coming out is such a ugly term and I just hate it for some reason. I think it might be because I like keeping secrets or withholding knowledge about myself.


A lot of them are just lesbians until graduation and transtrenders. They’ll grow out of it.

EDIT: Forgot to add “bicurious” to the list.


Transtrenders. Never heard that. Now I know what to call my cousin


Maybe a transformer.


It’s due to the culture. We live in a culture where this sin is accepted and promoted in many media outlets and it’s even getting into the kids media. It’s taught in schools as a good, colleges, politics. It’s barely preaches as evil from the pulpit. It’s a shame. We are going to have work overtime to help society and the culture defeat this error. Many young peoples souls are perishing because of this. In my opinion abortion we are making huge efforts right now in the right direction, but Same sex marriage, homosexuality we need help.


It seems to be a trendy thing to do. The media does romanticize it and makes it more flowery than it is.


I’d definitley say I agree that our culture is making it all more noticeable and “normalized.”
These kids see it on youtube, news, and social media where it’s glorified and I’m thinking it’s somehow inspiring them to decide that’s what they are so young as well as all around the same time.


Don’t you just love it when celebrities come out as pansexual despite only ever dating hot models of the opposite sex?


Absolutely, once Same Sex Marriage was allowed as the law of the land things got worse fast.


I haven’t been looking at celebrities that much so I wouldn’t know, but I can see the publicity they would get from that. Actually I just remembered Nicki Minaj.


Now that I’m thinking about this, maybe some teens are coming out to get in on that juicy victim hood privilege. I mean, nobody is going to verify who you’ve been sleeping with.


Victim privileges are kind of overpowered.


I have a feeling that they are going to get so abused one day that college applications will start demanding pics or you ain’t gay.


I understand how confusing it can be. My sister recently delcared herself as transgender and I sat down with her, told her that i loved her, but that I could not support what she was doing. I am blessed that she understood and didn’t cut me out of her life, but she still is going through with it. I can only pray that I helped to sow the seeds of doubt and that God will lead her back home.


It’s pushed by the media by television by Hollywood. It’s cool it’s trendy it’s fashionable it’s a badge of honor. Society and the media are sick and are corrupting the youth

Romans chapter 1

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.


Thank you for sharing your story! I’ll pray for your sister!
It’s hard for me too because I never thought I’d be confronted with this by fellow teens that I participate in activities with. I guess I was a bit naive but in the area I live in, we’re pretty conservative so while there usually was those one or two guys in theater who were just assumed to be gay, there wasn’t a whole bunch of everyone coming out.


Also sporting events have gay pride days, even the MLB teams promote it which has made me find some different hobbies.

What’s the worst is that religions promote homosexuality as well. I’ve gone by many Protestant church’s and even Jewish places where the rainbow flag is draped publicly outside.


It’s because it’s trendy. Stuff like gender dysphoria and homosexuality really has been around for ages and ages, but the vast majority of those who claim the mantle today are confused and deceived at best, or confusing and deceiving others at worst. But we can see it’s a fad by looking at the demographic breakdowns. About one-percent of any given population will legitimately struggle with homosexuality. About a tenth of one-percent will suffer from gender identity disorder, AKA gender dysphoria. Those numbers are reflected in basically all human populations throughout history. But if you look at a typical university today like, say, UC Berkeley, the number of those (at least claiming to be) struggling with homosexuality will be as high as 40%, and those claiming to be any of the 76 to infinite genders other than male or female has also skyrocketed.

We do need to pray for them, absolutely. Even for those who are only participating in something because it’s fashionable, it can still be extraordinarily damaging. But we should know our battle.


My old Baptist church, when I was still a Protestant, wasn’t this overt, nor did the administration even think that way. But man, every person under 40 I asked might as well have done that. Hyperbolic, but only barely.

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