Teens’ Lawyers Plan to Question Tillerson on His Knowledge of Climate Change


Don’t forget the polar bears.


Yes, the polar bears.

I’m guessing his hearing will be one long diatribe against fossil fuels, having nothing to do with his qualification as Secretary of State.


What about the assets placed into their hands?


At odds with the facts.


I was thinking the same thing.


Just think if rural white kids in Alabama wanted to question Loretta Lynch’s knowledge on legal matters or social justice.


just from reading the info on it & their webpage it is more like when he knew that Exxon scientists had admitted CC was happening & when & why his corp heavily funded CC denial efforts. ((which many of you here buy into lock, stock & barrel, even tho the truth is now out that Exxon knew about CC decades ago, but nevertheless put forth tremendous funds to dissuade people like many here from accepting it, so they’d go on buying product))

I broke my wrist & am having trouble typing correctly


lynnvinc touched on it, but he was CEO of a company that was among the first institutions to quantify the damage carbon emissions are having and will have on the planet and the economy, a company that realized that public acceptance and understanding of this damage would hurt its bottom line, a company that funded the climate change denial movement for decades, and a company which now takes the public position that anthropogenic carbon emissions are causing global warming. Of course he has knowledge of “MMGW theory”, his company was a pioneer in the field and accepts it as fact.


thanx, having trouble typing…


Or, it could be that Exxon conducted additional research and found that man’s contribution to climate change was insignificant. Let’s be honest, climate change alarmists have made a lot of predictions, like more and stronger hurricanes hitting the US, no more snow in England, the stopping of the Jet Stream, etc. that have not panned out. Their response has been to make the same predictions, but move the timeline out from 5-10 years to 100 or more years which makes it impossible for anybody to validate the accuracy of their predictions. Get some 5 and 10 year predictions right, and then maybe I’ll start worrying about your 100 year predictions.


Ah, children. The favorite spectacle if the left to illicit emotional thought not rational thought. Odd that they usually support limiting or even killing children.


I would say it’s unlikely since ExxonMobil’s public position is that anthropogenic carbon emissions are causing global warming and need to be reduced.


Then what is the rationale for questioning Mr. Tillerson. The company that he was CEO of ostensibly agrees with the teen’s position. Tillerson didn’t become CEO of Exxon until 2006, or long after this research occurred. My understanding is that much of this research dates back to the 1970s, when Tillerson would have been a student at the University of Texas, or a junior engineer at Exxon, not somebody in a position to effect policy. In fact, the New York Times is reporting that it was Tillerson that led Exxon into changing it’s position on climate change.



The lawsuit is against the government Tillerson is about to join as a powerful official in an administration that has largely taken the position the climate change is a hoax. His testimony is important.


Why is his testimony important in a lawsuit against the government? He’s not now, nor has he ever been a member of the Federal government.


I’m not sure, but I think they planned to question Tillerson before the election. Perhaps it also has to do with how Exxon is contributing to political campaigns – to both parties – so as to influence gov against taking action on CC. They initiated the lawsuit with the Obama admin & past House & Senate in mind. It just takes a very long time for cases to go thru the system…


a newsstory on this - “Why teenage hip-hop artist and climate change warrior Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is suing the US government”
at smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/climate-change-warrior-set-to-become-household-name-even-though-his-name-is-unpronouceable-20161212-gt98in.html


Climate Change aka Global Warming is Fake News!


So what do you think about JPII, BXVI, & Pope Francis, who have all spoken strongly about CC and our need to mitigate it since 1990? Unwitting dupes, or what?

Are there Catholics out there so adamantly opposed to accepting CC science and mitigating CC that they might even leave the Church over it?

Just wondering…


“Crib notes: US climate kids to see Tillerson in court” at climatechangenews.com/2017/01/29/crib-notes-us-climate-kids-to-see-tillerson-in-court/

"…‘We believe that Mr Tillerson’s deposition will be extremely important to this case,’ said counsel Philip Gregory in a statement.

‘The ties between the fossil fuel industry in the federal government run very deep and Mr Tillerson will have much to add on this crucial issue.’

Judge Thomas Coffin said the case will go to trial in summer or autumn 2017, in Eugene, Oregon…"

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