What do you think about this?

What if people who try it do not believe it is “occult” or anything supernatural dealing with spirits or demons…but just believe it is a perfectly natural, scientifically and physically explainable phenomenon, even if they do admit that they don’t know what the explanation is?

Is it bad?


There’s nothing about telekinesis which constitutes bad religion (bad science, maybe, but not bad religion), assuming (as you stipulate) the individual ascribes such ability to a natural but untapped aspect of the human brain.

Often, though, folks try to “develop” these abilities with practices which are covertly or overtly spiritual, because a purely “natural” approach has never been scientifically demonstrated to succeed, so “natural” efforts will fail because such a natural but hidden ability simply does not exist… So either the individual abandons the prusuit or turns to a “super-natural” approach, and now we’re talking occult.


Telkinesis would require a person understanding the FUNDAMENTAL laws of physics, i.e Grand Unification Theory (GUT) which is the unifying of quantum mechanics and reletivity. THEN they would have to be able to channel those laws or put them to use and extract kinetic energy and exert a force on an object.

i am sure if God or Jesus self-tutored that person in physics, it might be possible.

most times, a person will rely on an “outside” power that they “invoke” to do all the hard work for them.


Please explain more BioCatholic,

So you are saying that, with the proper knowledge of physics, someone could somehow move something by pure brain power? Or are you suggesting that it might require some sort of technology?

Also, why do you believe that they must have the knowledge first? Many times phenomena are discovered before the theory explaining them is…

I do not believe in telekinesis, I just find your statements interesting.


Sorry, but no amount of natural human effort can result in objects moving via brain power. All forms of telekinesis, if they even exist in reality, would have to be empowered by demons. It doesn’t matter whether or not the person is aware of that or not - it’s would still be demonic in nature because a human can’t accomplish it o their own. Demons are very capable of moving objects as a form of deception. All of that said, no one has ever proved, under scientific conditions, to have moved an object using telekinesis - just ask the Amazing Randy - he’s had a huge reward out there for anyone to claim. The only believeable, documented incidents of telekinesis occurred during exorcisms.



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