Telemarketing Call From A Mega-Church

I got the strangest call on my cell phone.

It was a “robo-caller” from a nearby non-denominational mega-church. The “robot” said that the church was a welcoming place, great for families and for me the “check it out”.

Then it asked “Press 1” if you wanted information and “Press 2” to be put on a “Do Not Call List”.

I left a message, " The Gospel of St. Mark tells us to “Go into the World and preach the good word”. But I feel that marketing Christ like time shares in Mexico is at best inappropriate."

By the way, I Googled “Automated Church Invitations” and found that a number of tele-marketing companies specialize in this activity.

they do, and also for charities, so that often if you are asked to give an automatic donation to a church or “worthy cause” when you pay a bill or order something on line, your contact info goes to the telemarketer and the “donation” goes to pay them. Same thing goes for charities that advertise on TV with infomercials and invite donations via credit card to an 800 #, the bulk of the donation is income to the 3-rd party marketing organization. Some, not all, but do be aware of the practice.

there is one such mega call center in our town that specializes in such tele-marketing and is losing a lot of jobs because donations in general are down due to the economy.

:eek: :eek: :eek: For real!!! People actually get paid for this? I think you left a good message. I would’ve just said no thanks:nope:

I once read in a news story about a suburban congregation bragging that they were “developing their brand power”. This so called church held their services in a movie theater:eek: I wasn’t Catholic then but I still had no desire to check out such a blatantly consumerist set-up. Now of course I like the Catholic “brand”:big_grin:

Not at all uncommon here in the deep south.

If you take a trip down any highway in suburban Altanta, you will see half a dozen billboards from churches with names like “Worship with Wonders Church”, “His Hands Church” or "With Purpose Church"bragging how “We’re Growing!” or inviting one to “Come Grow With Us!”

Many such Churches are started by a pastor with a pickup truck and a trailer, hauling sound, stage and lighting equipment to the local high school gymnasium, movie theater or vacant grocery store but when they grow big enough, they usually raise a building of their own. I have no problem with where they meet but many are heavily marketed and have strong brand identities catering to specific market groups.

If you google “Worship with Wonders” you’ll see a classic example of an Evangelical “Worship Experience” Church. In the case of this Church, they market to the edgy late-20’s and early-30’s crowd.

It’s very common down here.


I’m curious. Does anyone out there think this is okay? That this does not contradict anything Christian? That these activities are dignified?


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