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I know that God on Judgement Day will judge each based on what is in their heart. My question is, will that excuse the many television evangelists who constantly quote Scripture but at the same time fail to recognize the abundant Scriptures dealing with Sacraments, the authority of the Church and the early Christian example and practices? Lately, everytime I see a television evangelists I think to myself that they are not intentionally fully using their intellect and free will to properly know God and serve Him. As such, I am also thinking (not indidual personal judgment) that for many their judgement will be quite harsh. Am I wrong to think such a thing? If not, why don’t more Christians talk about this and bring due attention to the subject for everyone’s benefit?


Whether or not it’s right to think that way, we are not God. God alone knows their hearts and minds.

Personally, outside of the Jim Bakkers, Jimmy Swaggarts and Jerry Falwells of the world (who acted hypocritically, and I think did incalcuable damage to the Body of Christ by their “do as I say, not as I do” behavior), most Protestants are in a state of “invincible ignorance” – they weren’t the ones who got the ball rolling, but were steeped in Protestant theology till it’s all they really know. I can’t see someone like Billy Graham being harshly judged by God because he did not have the fullness of the truth. Especially when Graham was at least trying to do what he believed was God’s will.

But that’s not my decision. It’s up to God, and we have to pray for all of them (as well as for our own priests) that when it is their time to meet God, they are properly disposed and in His friendship.


Judgement means passing sentence. A judge sentences people. God the Father gave all judgment to Jesus.

*The Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son, (John 5:22)

For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself, and has given him authority to execute judgment, because he is the Son of man. (John 5:26-27)*

Jesus alone gets to pass sentence on whether someone goes to Heaven or Hell. We have no say in the matter. It’s up to Jesus. Jesus is the judge.



I’m not a believer, but I have to put fault on the televangelists.

Let’s say I run a charity that is said to fight breast cancer. Through my efforts I educate people on the subject. I encourage them to get regular mammographies. I have assorted fundraisers that I claim will support those with the disease and/or help find a cure. All of the money goes into my pocket. Despite what benefits my fake charity is doing, it’s using it to rip people off. Evil can’t be rewarded even if the person ends up performing some kind of secondary good.


As someone said above, it is God’s place to judge these folks even as He will also judge us as well.:shrug: Speculating is pretty much useless, but changing the channel is always a good option.

I often think of what St. James says in the 3rd chapter of his epistle.
[1] Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness.


We are judged by our actions, not by “what is in our heart”. As Catholics, we should leave the judging up to God and worry about our own souls.


Contrary to this is what St. Paul says in I Co, where he says that all should seek the gift of prophecy — to be able and ready to preach the gospel to others.

So, which way is it? And, is what the Catholic Church does in its daily comings and goings enough? In the U.S. and in other countries, the Church relies a lot on the evangelizing of EWTN, and then THAT is reliant on really a very few people.

EWTN was not doing much “succession planning” when Mother Angelica got ill. They brought her back for a while, with a patch on her eye, until her circumstances finally forced her off the stage.Now, they’re relying on her reruns, all across the daily schedule.

Fr. Mitch is carrying the load of teaching and apologetics, but shouldn’t there be TWENTY priests sharing this ministry? It suggests to me that EWTN is very personality driven. What is the mission of the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word ?

The Church is beating us all up to be evangelizers, and it’s not working. It seems very poorly thought out. Clericalism rules the roost, as usual. I think it’s better to err on the side of what St. Paul says rather than what St. James says.

Other than EWTN, what Catholic campaign is there to evangelize the United States? I don’t see it.

In my diocese, our new bishop (now on the job 5 years) FIRST took a trip to Turkey and Greece,THEN came back to deal with our priest shortage and consolidating our parishes, a couple years later. Uh huh. The adult education program in our diocese collapsed years ago.

I don’t think we should be discouraging anybody who is trying to save souls in the Catholic Church. It isn’t like we’re overwhelmed with converts, or anything.


You know, I have a great deal of respect of these kinds of people, Pentecostals especially, when I was part of a church some time ago, I became good friends with many of them, and we would go out quite a bit, out to restaurants, out to public events, festivals, parties, public parades, etc. I also have been a catholic since I was a child, well I was raised in a catholic home, went to catholic school, so I went out with alot of catholic people as well.

I noticed there is HUGE difference in the 2 churches and the people when they are out in public, catholics, (the ones Ive spent a good amount of time with anyway), I noticed they rarely actually discuss the bible, verses, Gods teachings, etc when they are out in groups or anywhere really, they talk about their kids, their jobs, houses, other secular topics, but never did religion come up, if ever, but when I was spending alot of time with people from the Pentecostal church, they would talk quite a bit about their faith, bible verses, Gods teachings, church in general, etc. and they would talk to others in public about it as well, they would invite nearly everyone they came into contact with, to join them at their church, employees at the restaurants, clerks at gas stations, etc, they would even offer to give them rides, money for gas to get there, if that was a problem…I was amazed how open they were with the general public regarding their faith and trying to get more people to come, but Ive never seen ONE catholic doing things like this, they dont even bring up the faith, much less invite strangers to mass…??

I actually have alot of respect for Pentecostal people in this regard, they are truly devout christians and they like to show it, they genuinely like to try to get more people into church…Ive often wondered why catholics are not more like this…maybe its just my parish? Has anyone noticed this about catholics in their parish?


I think the main reason Protestants have a much more joyful and stimulating enviroment for evangelizing is that their theology of salvation is so much more appealing. Profess Jesus as your Lord and Savior, once saved always saved ,ect. For the most part they are already celebrating their victory and anxiouly awaiting their deliverance up into Heaven. Catholics, on the other hand, are still working out their salvation with fear and trembling. When Catholics profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior, it means we subscribe to the entire Goispel of Jesus not just certain texts taken out of context. As such, Catholics don’t celebrate their victory until Judgment Day. Each Catholic prior to that day is on a different spot, level or position relative to the overall spiritual journey. A situation that makes it difficult to evangelize especially within a Protestant grouping.


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