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Sadly that also attracted Trident and Boldlygo who ate all the popcorn before Tex even got a peek at it!



But then Tex, very intelligently, turned on his human’s phone. There was a YouTube video about popping popcorn and Tex decided to make his own.

He enlisted the aid of Hawkmaid7 who set up an air popper for Tex. Tex watched all those kernels become fluffy white corn and barked and danced as those fluffy white pieces bounced out of the air popper into the bowl of great delights. He happily munched his popcorn of many flavors deeming it the most perfect day evah.



Honestly that sounds amazing and I wish it wasn’t a lie XD

Lilypadrees is the poster of that original video:




Yep. That be me.:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


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Hawk you didn’t LOL

Fine. Well we all know that Hawkmaid’s the one who wrote out all the Swedish Chef subtitles. (Seriously read them. Well worth it!)

I mean I’ve gotta say your Swedish is amazing lol



(Oh I did XD)

You liar! Trident’s just hiding from the fact that he’s Statler (at the end of the video, y’know) and his true blue pal is Waldorf! Makin’ fun of me, all the time :frowning:

(But thanks XD)

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The fact that I’ll agree with this? Proves the lie.

(No darn way would I let anyone make fun of ya Hawk. No darn way. Them are fightin’ lines.)

But seriously Hawk is a skilled swashbuckler. Could take down the whole team. Blindfolded :sunglasses:

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HAHA (That’s true, that’s true, unless The Lost Boys comes up and then all hope is lost XD)

That said, have we gotten into your vampiric history yet? Because I only noticed ya in the Hall of Mirrors when I turned around to realize there was a body behind me…

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Hawk’s got a thing for halls with mirrors. She can’t get enough of that look at infinity you get from lining 2 of them up in perfect opposition? I mean she can just look. And look. And look.

And look?

And look :roll_eyes:

And looooook :wink:



(Not gonna deny that level of vanity XD)

Trident just loves coming up behind her and jump-scaring her, too. She never sees it coming! …For some reason…

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And reasons.

Especially when she’s trying to blow big bubbles with her gum.

But of course the real reason she likes those halls of mirrors is because she can be alone with all of her selves.

So many Hawks…

So much company…

So many of them waving hello back…



(Nobody else will wave if I don’t start! Right? Right!)

Trident is very tired of picking up gum wrappers…

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But Hawk? This?

This is a lie?

Are you meaning that normally I’m overjoyed picking up wrappers? :wink:

Hawk spends her weekends sewing Disney princess dresses that she then puts on when she stands on her rooftop reciting poetry through a megaphone.

Why you ask?


You’re not alone in wondering. That’s for sure.:roll_eyes:

But she’s now had so many noise complaints that all the local peace officers know her by name.

(But she won’t come down unless they call her by the right princess name)

{It’s all so very concerning}




(Good point XD)

(Hey I thought we were lying here!! I’ve told you about Little Hawk before…XD)

(And the noise complaints?)
(Definitely actually happened :grimacing:)

Good thing I have Trident to help me sew the darn things! Sleeves are tricky, and he has the skill down to a science!

But really he keeps insisting on using carpet fabric…

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But carpet’s faaaab dahlink. It goes so wonderfully with your hair I always say.

(And why am I totally not at all in the least surprised about the noise complaints? Why am I nodding along while reading that? Hmm? :roll_eyes: :wink:)

But Hawk’s really on a roll these days. She’s planned an entire Shakespearean play through from her rooftop. It’s gonna have singing? And dancing? And costumes galore.

She’s already rented out every square inch of yard.

But the most splendidly confounding bit?

She’s doing all the parts herself. :grimacing:



Flips hair So true, what a wonderful matted fuzz combo!

(Because we all know it’s true XD)

(Also the only good Hamlet is a Hawk Hamlet, don’t lie to yourself!)

Thankfully Trident bought all the tickets to show mercy on everybody I was badgering to buy 'em. He’s a wonderful person!

Hey who invited all these cats?

Actual cats?


Looks like I’m not coming down from here for a while…

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So. Here’s trouble tripled.

Which of the following is the outrageous lie?

  1. I bought all the tickets? :grimacing:
  2. I was showing mercy? :thinking:
  3. I’m a wonderful person? :neutral_face:

Hawk’s really looking forward to Easter because she plays the Easter Bunny in her neighborhood. She’s already been trying on her bunny costume? And hopping around her house. This has made a great deal of chaos plus. Because she’s not always able to see where she’s going since the eye holes of her costume are half a size too small. :roll_eyes:



(I’m just that good buffs nails at lying XD)

The only lie there is that I was in costume while hopping. So close!

The thing is, ladies and gentlemen, that Trident dear over here is deathly afraid of bunnies. Where he’s from? They’ve got Easter Beagles.


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