Tell an outrageous lie about the previous poster REVIVED


(For the record: I am NOT Data.) XD


theStudentAD2018 is Mark Zuckerberg (a.k.a. Data)


ZMystiCat sells bagels in grand central station. He’s got a special for CAF members. Code word is “marturana”. You get two bagels for the price of one.


Everyone flocked to get their free bagels until they realized the code word was “marturana” not “marijuana.”


lilypadrees licks her cats almost as much as they lick her

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ZMystiCat got lilypadrees started on the kitty licking habit with the claim that the smell of catnip would keep fleas and dogs away. :cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:


ZMystiCat is very angry with llilypadrees for giving away the secret ingredient of ZMystiCat`s bagels.
lilypadrees is now hiding in the bowels of Grand Central Station.

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Are you sure it was catnip lilypadrees?

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That’s what Zcat said. But it may not have been since I’m hiding in the bowels of Grand Central Station. And there’s something gooshy in here. :scream:


lilypadrees doesn’t hide in the bowels of Grand Central Station - she lives there!!
Ever since she was a youngster umpteen decades ago, she’s loved trains…back then, it was the romantic steam engines…she’d watch them at every opportunity. When she was old enough to be on her own, she moved to Chicago, the freight capitol of the world, so she could watch them 24/7.
Her only friends were the hobos who used the trains to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’, and, after a while, she noticed that most of them were either deaf or close to it…soon, she noticed that her hearing was also going downhill fast. Determined to do something about this, she spent several years perfecting noise-deadening earmuffs…she had them patented, contracted to have them made, and passed them out free to all her hobo friends.
Long story short, her patent on the basic design made her a multibillionaire…even after all these years, she still gets royalties on every headset sold…she used a sizable chunk of that fortune to build an underground mansion below Grand Central Station, complete with a wing for her hobo friends, and she lives there to this day, enjoying the sights, if not the sounds, of her beloved trains.

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Boldlygo tricked the neighbours into building fence all around Boldlygos yard. Boldygo simply used rainfall as natures shower.

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fbl9 only knows this due to taking a peak one time to see what all that singing was about during rain showers.

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ZMystiCat, secretly penned the idea that accidentally lead to the formation of the Russian Mob…
Ever since then ZMystiCat has desperately sought a means to disband the group.


IWantGod is a modern-day hobo, and a good friend of lilypadrees…hangs out at the underground mansion on a regular basis, doing odd jobs in exchange for ‘a roof and three squares’…
It didn’t take long for the other itinerant residents there to discover something about IWantGod…a complete fear of water…bathing and laundering were foreign concepts…
Late one night, they donned gas masks, grabbed IWantGod, and headed for the shower…turned on the water…locked and barricaded the door…the screams emanating from the shower were horrifying…
Half an hour later, they returned to find only a pile of wet clothing on the shower drain…IWantGod, just like the Wicked Witch of the West, had melted on contact with the water, and gone down the drain…


Boldlygo collected the water from IWantGod’ s shower and is currently distilling IwantGod from the water. Boldygo plans to use IWantGod as a personal slave.

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fbl9 is a nudist and openly flaunts laws that try to prevent nudists from living as they want


But that rumor is quickly put to rest when it’s discovered that fbl9 is actually a Buddhist who leaves saucers of almond milk out for ZMystiCat.

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lilypadrees has been trying all sorts of tricks to lure cats to her underground mansion - it seems that rodents are everywhere, and they’re hard to kill…inventor that she is, lily has tried many homemade traps…most promising is the spring-loaded oversized headset that encloses the poor rodent, and then plays nonstop ‘country music’ [an oxymoron if ever there was one!] until the poor rodent puts itself out of its misery by impaling itself on the enclosed miniature harakiri knife…the ASPCA has already deemed this cruel and unusual punishment, but lily responded: “Hey, if it works…”


Yep, that’s me.:+1:


lilypadrees and boldlygo’s Favorite music

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