Tell an outrageous lie about the previous poster REVIVED


The guy above me was the one who punched Kangaroo Jack for looking at him funny when in fact, he was just begging to be petted!


theStudentAD2018 has written a number of really cheesy operas, including one based entirely around clowns.


In charge of his/her church’s nativity scene IdiNaPut headed out to the country to get authentic hay bales for the scene. Spying some bales nearby IdiNaPut drove out into the field. They looked smaller from the road thought IndNaPut as she/he struggled to load the 4x3x8ft 1600lb bale. Giving up IdNaput wrapped a rope around the bale and proceeded pull it home. Well try any how, IdNaPut’s vehicle just dug the tires to the frame.


fbl9 is secretly the drummer for a glam rock band. Their stage outfit includes 4 inch glittery purple platform shoes.


(NOT TRUE!! I write stories, though not for a living. Not exactly good stories that are sunshine and rainbows.) The guy above me was kicked out of college for flunking the most advanced of courses as well as for taking the dean’s car out for a joyride to an Applebee’s followed by taking the Superintendant’s car out to Canada to go see the Niagara Falls and every single University Board of Directors’ cars were sent to Alaska.


The person above me called me a guy


I apologize as I wasn’t looking at the last box in the comment section.


I thought maybe it was the short hair…I was always told short hair was a sign of gender confusion. :wink:


Funny, my hair is so long, I could be mistaken for a 1970s version of a Beetle… or better yet a 1960s version. I’m getting a complete haircut tomorrow and go military recruit! Without being a military recruit. Which reminds me:

Outrageous lie: The woman above me is actually Commander Shepard from the future to warn us about the Reapers only to realize… she completely forgot the exact date they appear.


The sad thing is I’ve never played Mass Effect and I 100% understood that.

The guy above me is actually an android trying to learn to become human.


(For the record: I am NOT Data.) XD


theStudentAD2018 is Mark Zuckerberg (a.k.a. Data)


ZMystiCat sells bagels in grand central station. He’s got a special for CAF members. Code word is “marturana”. You get two bagels for the price of one.


Everyone flocked to get their free bagels until they realized the code word was “marturana” not “marijuana.”


lilypadrees licks her cats almost as much as they lick her


ZMystiCat got lilypadrees started on the kitty licking habit with the claim that the smell of catnip would keep fleas and dogs away. :cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:


ZMystiCat is very angry with llilypadrees for giving away the secret ingredient of ZMystiCat`s bagels.
lilypadrees is now hiding in the bowels of Grand Central Station.


Are you sure it was catnip lilypadrees?


That’s what Zcat said. But it may not have been since I’m hiding in the bowels of Grand Central Station. And there’s something gooshy in here. :scream:


lilypadrees doesn’t hide in the bowels of Grand Central Station - she lives there!!
Ever since she was a youngster umpteen decades ago, she’s loved trains…back then, it was the romantic steam engines…she’d watch them at every opportunity. When she was old enough to be on her own, she moved to Chicago, the freight capitol of the world, so she could watch them 24/7.
Her only friends were the hobos who used the trains to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’, and, after a while, she noticed that most of them were either deaf or close to it…soon, she noticed that her hearing was also going downhill fast. Determined to do something about this, she spent several years perfecting noise-deadening earmuffs…she had them patented, contracted to have them made, and passed them out free to all her hobo friends.
Long story short, her patent on the basic design made her a multibillionaire…even after all these years, she still gets royalties on every headset sold…she used a sizable chunk of that fortune to build an underground mansion below Grand Central Station, complete with a wing for her hobo friends, and she lives there to this day, enjoying the sights, if not the sounds, of her beloved trains.

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