Tell an Outrageous Lie about the Previous Poster, Vol. III


TheLegend looks strikingly like Tom Cruise and has an affinity for unicorns. :princess::elf::unicorn::japanese_ogre:


Governator was cast as the crazy admiral in Mary Poppins II: The Effect of Popcorn Magic. Unfortunately, his canons on the stage were only cardboard replicas due to budget issues, so he’s sticking with Gargoyles for defense around his room in the chateau.


SuperLuigi was cast as one of the Gargoyles, again due to budget issues - no makeup was required…


Boldlygo spends his fall evenings trying to hypnotize his taxonomy collection using a grandfather clock that he bought at a flea market mark-down bargain price.


SuperLuigi was a master counterfeiter. He spent long years perfecting his illicit craft. The only currency he would ever reproduce, however, was Monopoly money. He took a big Chance trying to cheat the Community Chest, and in the end he was sent to jail. Directly to jail. He could not pass Go. He could not collect $200.


Christofirst bailed Luigi out of jail and then as his lawyer got a sentence of NOT GUILTY. He was so happy to do this for his
hero Luigi, he didn’t even send a bill.


Superluigi can’t hold his liquor and once became intoxicated by Robitussin DM then drove to Vegas and married a 75 year old showgirl.

Christofirst was not thrilled as his attorney having to sort through all the annulment paper work.


Brother Gov, kind-hearted soul that he is, decided to help christofirst with the annulment proceedings…he got every second-grader in his parish to swear under oath that SuperLuigi was their father…SuperLuigi was jailed indefinitely as a threat to society, the annulment was granted for the safety of the 75-year-old showgirl, and Brother Gov got to keep his robe and avoid the blowtorch because the kids lied, but he didn’t…


boldlygo took the 75 year old Beatrice on a date to Taco Bell and they became a item.

They now live as a married couple in Florida and play bridge with their Parish friends.

Brother Gov returned to the solemn life of a hermit until the bears wanted their cave back but that is another story.


[Wow…I was playing bridge online when you posted…]

(Some people exist in Florida, but nobody lives in Florida…)

Brother Gov’s solemn and peaceful life as a hermit came to a screeching [literally] halt when the second-graders of his parish found out where he was…he’s now reffing dodgeball twelve hours a day, and fixing snacks several times daily while artfully dodging…


boldygo is being monitored by the CIA which is how brother Gov international man of mystery knows of his bridge addiction.

boldygo is so addicted to hot Cheetos and internet bridge he has melded into his laptop and now national security is concerned he may become a threat or plot world domination.

Half man half machine and painfully addicted to bridge and hot Cheetos boldygo demands obedience and tasty cheese snacks.


Brother Gov is not amused.

Especially after I spent all this money to take this photo.


Brother Gov really loves his second-graders, but there are limits…he went to the Acme Costume Rental Company, and rented a skeleton and a bear costume…he scattered the bones among his clothing, put on the bear costume, and waited…when his kids returned, they thought something horrible had happened to their beloved Brother Gov, and when he emerged from the back of the cave, in his bear costume, they ran for their lives…
Peace and tranquility once again reign in Brother Gov’s cave…


Boldygo was the first bear convert.


Governator is the governor of a small
Nation state called " Governatolandia". It’s a small nation state of about 6 people, 10 during tourist season.


It’s true and @Mary_Gail_36 is local crazy lady who lives on the edge of town which is only 30 ft away.


Arnold Swchanager is Govenator’s hero. And that is how Govenator came up with his username.


This true except I use to do impressions in highschool and my nickname was Arnold.

This has been my screename for most things casual since 2005.

TheLegend is secretly a fan of mine and harasses me every morning for my autograph and sage advice.


Governator’s sage advice is simply, “give it some good dirt, plenty of sunlight and water. I use it in my meatloaf along with a sprinkle of rosemary.”


This is true…

1Lord1Faith has a strange addiction of eating laundry detergent.

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