Tell an Outrageous Lie about the Previous Poster, Vol. III


@TheLegend is a a sand fairy voiced by Eddie Izzard who grants wishes and is pestered by five British children and @boldlygo who harasses and vandalizes his home with a crudely shaped stick used for a so called gentlemen’s game.


Governator and his family, on a routine expedition, met the greatest earthquake ever known. High on the rapids, it struck their tiny raft, and plunged them down a thousand feet below… to the Land of the Lost! There they met the Sleestak, aka joeybaggz and TheLegend, and Chaka, aka boldlygo.


@Christofirst spends his nights as a lounge singer wearing flashy sequence suits.

He doesn’t want anyone to know this but he knows how to get down and boogey.


Governator is a pool hall hustler who uses a crudely shaped magical stick to shark unsuspecting suckers out of their cash


You’re a wizard Harry! :mage:

Like Gandalf the Grey or the white Brother Gov comes from a magical celestial realm to live among men and protect them.

TheLegend :elf: is my friend and helper he is also a halfling with a substance abuse problem and couldn’t pay his tab which is why I had to use my powers to play a mad game of pool like Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in those movies.

TheLegend may be a wee little fellow but he can clear a restroom and clog a whole row of bathroom stalls.

We have been banned from most of the bars… :unamused:


[As everyone knows, The Legend is an 8-foot-tall, 450 lb sasquatch…]

When the second-graders learned that their beloved Brother Gov was in jail, [see #76] they were first elated that he was alive, and then outraged that he had been locked up…they commandeered a school bus [and driver], and visited the judge who had sentenced him…they told him about Brother Gov’s miraculous reappearance after having been eaten by a bear, and then asked if the judge would be the ref for their marathon dodgeball games…
The judge was up for reelection, and didn’t want a confrontation with these adorable children on the front page, so he released Brother Gov in their custody…
Much to the dismay of the bus driver, Brother Gov led everyone in a rousing rendition of ‘99 bottles of pop on the wall’ all the way home…


boldygo was the bus driver and has since retired from his post.

Seeking to rid himself of the demons of his past he became a private detective and changed his name to Kojak.

No apparent reason for the name change he had too much time, money, and alcohol in his system one fine day in the local downtown metropolitan area.

He now investigates strange happenings and creature sightings as a hard-boiled of private eye.


Strange happenings…hmmmmm…

Brother Gov was so overjoyed to regain his freedom that he had the bus driver stop at the local pizzeria on the way home - his treat! The screaming rugrats knew exactly what they wanted - the new taste treat that their parents wouldn’t let them try…Brother Gov said ‘Bring it on!’, and twenty minutes later, the tables were covered with the new taste treat - booger pizza…
All the second-graders got sick on the spot [actually, on the floor…], but Brother Gov thought it was the best pizza he’d ever had…after he dropped off the kids [and the very relieved bus driver], he returned to the abbey, and , ever since, has been trying to talk the cook into making booger pizza…


Meanwhile boldygo aka Kojak The Night Stalker traced the supply of boogers to a group of cave trolls posing as corporate business men.

He then valiantly escaped with his life leading them into the daylight where they turned to stone.

Boldlygo then took a sledgehammer to the trolls and then stopped by the Abby to share Bro Govs latest brew of ale.

Boldygo has never eaten pizza since his run in with the trolls.


Boldlygo got bored of telling ‘outrageous lies’ while using his own account. So he asked Governator if he wanted to swap account passwords so that each lie would be even more outrageous. Governator agreed and immediately started spreading lies and rumors about himself. Alas, the burden of taking on Boldlygo’s persona has been too much for Governator, as it would be for even the most highly trained liar.


1Lord1Faith has opened a new business in town. It is an eatery for pregnant women to satisfy their unusual cravings. The menu masterpiece created by 1Lord is a banana split made with coffee ice cream, pistachio ice cream, and lemon sherbert topped with hot fudge, pineapple sauce, mustard, anchovies, jalapeno peppers and guacamole with a crabapple garnish… The masterpiece sells for $6.95 and 1Lord intends to retire to Tahiti with the profits from the first year in business.



Joeybaggzzzzz got a job at said eatery…he realized that time could be saved if the tremendski banana split could be made ahead, since it’s so labor intensive…he started his own assembly-line, and made two dozen of them…unfortunately, he fell asleep before he could get them off the table, everything melted, and the kitchen floor was a swamp just as the Health Department arrived for their surprise annual inspection…


boldlygo died of diahrea shortly after this post playing Oregon Trail on his cellphone.


What the game has colours!! Remember playing this on the old green screened Apple computers at school way back in the days.


Me too and it said diarrhea not dysentery. :rage:

We use to play as our teacher. :smiling_imp:


Speaking of diarrhea, Brother Gov, the International Man of Mystery, has been signed to star in the next film in the James Bond series. Playing the son of the original Bond, Brother Gov, known as 003.5 takes on the fiendish and shadowy Goldlygo whose plot to poison the water of the United States with extract of ex-lax and then corner the toilet paper market to make himself outrageously wealthy and rule the country has already been put in motion. Chaos is averted by 003.5 and his Bond girl, Vomiteria (played by Roseann Barr) in a climactic battle with Goldlygo and his henchman, the silent but deadly, Trots (played by Chris Rock) in the ladies restroom stalls at the Wal-Mart in Kankakee, Illinois.

Look for it coming to a theater near you!


fortunately for joey Governator was the surprise health inspector. Governator had joey fill the trunk of his Cadillac with the liquid in return for passing the eatery.


Oops, simultaneous posts !!


Yes Roseanne Barr sings the intro via Classic Bond tradition.

Joeybaggz likes to pretend to be Hannibal Lecter when he tears the cheese off his pepperoni pizza…

Jodie Foster still won’t date him.


Governator knows because his hobby is raising fava beans and bottling his own Chianti.

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