Tell an Outrageous Lie about the Previous Poster, Vol. III


At least you two have something in common :slight_smile:
I like what you’ve done with your basement…and the basements basements basement…that things seriously deep…and the fungus and slime man!:slight_smile: The effects great!
It is just imitation right?Right? Oh…not ,then how…what’s wrong with your face?Thats not sweat that’s …oh gross,:grimacing:
It’s all over you! You what? Silken webs, hungry? That’s a pretty foul odour coming from behind that pile of rocks and broken chairs…


Greenfields obsession with organic byproducts has caused him to establish a secure lab in “his” basement, although official real estate records indicate that it belongs to Mrs. Greenfields, who is listed as Greenfields mother in the 2010 census.


What a small world,Greenfields and Governator discover they are actually second cousins twice removed…
Over a nice hot cup of chocolate one evening in the basement beneath the basement beneath the basement
both smiled at an old tired white rat trying to roll an apple to his rathole and came up with a name given out of mutual affection for the little battler…“SuperLuigi” :mouse2:


Greenfields screeched in terror as the pile of chairs and rocks began to move. Stretching out the Legend stood upright and smiled at Greenfields thank you for the compliment the Legend said. With that Greenfields scurried out of the basements.


The Legend stood exactly 4 1/2 feet tall, and had the expression and appearance very similar to the famed Mr Bean…but was quite the opposite in character …he wouldn’t cease making niceties about the weather and the delemmas of what to wear .It was so bad that poor old Guv began to weep.Agreeing and commiserating sympathetically with the Legend,they popped Super Luigi the white rat into a box and gave it as consolation to the diminutive being showed him the coal shute door-and shoved him through.


Greenfields recently came down with a serious cold and stayed in bed for a several days and during that time watched 27 straight hours of Jerry Springer Show reruns. Favorite episode? Transgender cross dressing lesbians from the planet of the Leather Bondage Loving Midgets. Said it was a reminder of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.


Joeybaggz likes to eat at Wienerschnitzel except when Anthony is around… :sweat:

He’s nervous at Subway too always afraid he might run into Jared… :scream:


The cook at the Abbey took the weekend off after Thanksgiving, so Brother Gov volunteered…his meatless Friday menu consisted of bean burritos, bean-and-cheese burritos, and refried beans…the resulting gas caused a mass evacuation of the dormitory wing, but some good may come of it yet - Brother Gov is now working on an air collector that could move said gas to the furnace…if he succeeds, the heating bill would be nonexistent, and the frugal monks would become vegetarians during the winter months…


Boldygo loved the organic fragrance so much he bottled up the scent to sell as scented soy wax candles in his new age store.

So far a big seller amongst Vegans and Rastafarians.


Sadly the whole thing backfired and the Gov 'was to blame
for the epidemic of allergic respiratory issues and a horrendous scalding of the skin that occurred after several weeks of exposure to the product


Thankfully I wasn’t liable since I only sold Boldlygo the gas in tanks with warning labels.

Greenfield’s who is a Rastafarian rapping soccer mom is now suing boldygo for her singed eyebrows and dreadlocks.


Governator is actually a lizard person from Mars who is plotting to overthrow the world and install a world government… stay woke :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Yes Maximilian is one of many clones in this case we cloned actor Don Knott’s.

It’s all a part of our plan for Illuminati domination.

Next were going to clone Andy Griffin because you know… You never can get enough Matlock on public television and we need a good attorney.


Better Don Knotts than Frankenstein …The Governator plans to govern with a putrid army of cloned huge green men
,slightly falling apart mind you that he secretly grew


Rastafarian rapping soccer mom Greenfield’s is under the influence and has been sharing her illegal contraband with Boldygo, TheLegend and Maximilian this whole thing has bee one month long hallucination.


I gots some real dirt on the Governator.hehe
Turns out Governator is the founder and former owner of The Heavenly Greens Gentleman’s golf club.
An establishment Boldlygo and others know only too well. After the golf widows stormed Governator’s establishment, he has been looked to start anew at a golf course near you.


The Legend recieved an eviction notice from Environment Canada from his cave in northern Saskatchewan. He was forced to barter passage on a dogsled to Saskatoon where he flew to @JosieL’s chateau. Unfortunately, all of the rooms were booked for the winter, but he found a room that happened to be unoccupied. He found the decor of taxonomy and a picture of SuperLuigi on the mantle, as well as crushed, burnt cans of Old Milwaukee Light in the fireplace.


SuperLuigi got stuck his vehicle stuck in a dry mall parking lot. It was a hot day and the pavement was fresh when Super decided to engage in his favourite past time. Which is rolling coal while doing a burn out.


TheLegend was hotboxing in his car… Not marijuana just too much Indian food.


The governator was cast as the crazy admiral in the sequel to Mary Poppins, but the director has hired a specialist to work the prop cannon citing safety concerns and the ability of the gov to light matches without burning himself.

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