Tell an Outrageous Lie about the Previous Poster, Vol. III


SuperLuigi created the good old marvel of the modern world
the Superglue .Super kind of stuck to the name Luigi


After much investigation Bro Gov has found conclusive evidence that Greenfield’s was that kid who ate paste and has the strange addiction still to this day.

Also it appears she has been growing hallucinogenic mushrooms.


:scream: uh oh, the cats out of the bag…you were meant to tell a lie!
The Governator ,a bespectacled old man in trouser braces and knitted cardigan with a kindly face tends his potted friends with the love of a father.
Potted as in pot plants .He’s working on developing
a versatile indoor plant that along with a pleasing bloom and vanilla scent will also snap up passing rodents,cockroaches and spiders.He’s very frustrated
that he can’t quite breed a plant that will delight in the taste of silverfish.Quite dissapointed .


Greenfield’s unbeknownst to my botanical achievements mistook my hybrids for a potent strain of marijuana.

She smoked a whole nursery full of my plants and has since been immune to mosquitoes, body lice, ticks, and bedbugs and even the common housefly will not dare pester her lest they drop dead from the pesticide that she perspires.

Now I just have to test her immunity to botflies and other tropical parasites.

Alas however the concoction she rolled up and smoked in her Rastafarian blunt paper has not cured her of her insatiable hunger for paste and boogers.


Governator planned to catch ,render down and bottle Greenfields ,not the nice little man everyone thought he was at all.
Dollar signs flashed in his eyes as he lovingly sharpend his scythe and grinned into his beard.


Greenfield’s ate my jar of Modge Podge and accused me of being a money hungry worm…

I think she has a real glue problem she’s not herself when she’s on the bottle.


Brother Gov, realizing the potent nature of Greenfield’s blood, has secretly contracted with the National Institutes of Health to use her blood to effect a cure for ebola, hanta, SARS, and the Zika viruses. At this time,Greenfields is unaware of the plot and is being hunted by the FBI for use in NIH experiments done in a joint venture with the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Brother Gov figures to make millions and is desperately trying to convince Greenfields to donate herself in a spirit of Christian charity and a concern for mankind, not to mention Brother Gov’s bank account. He also has cornered the international market for Tennessee sipping whiskey, and only enhanced his reputation as the International Man of Mystery.


Joeybaggz is an excellent story teller.

[Although, I’m not sure that’s a lie]


Bro Ent likes to play with matches and burn little origami village’s.

His mother is very worried about him.

Thankfully I sold her a whole case of my miracle spring water to detoxify those pesky parasites driving Ent to massacre whole villages of paper RPG NPC’s.

It’s true the world is being controlled by intestinal parasites.

You will thank me after your 40 day water fast and high frequency yoga sessions.


Greenfields,as a little like in the story of ‘Stone Soup’, managed to crawl sopping out of the cauldron in the nick’o’time ,throwing the Governators cat in instead …while he was busy combing his bald head in the reflection of his scythe .
Result,more time in high courts for The Governator ,facing the spitting and bristling of the affected people’s disgruntled with his product …:roll_eyes::crying_cat_face:


Greenfield’s discovering the tastiness of corned cat and has now opened up her very own restaurant franchise.

Bro Gov never financially recovered and went on to live his last days in the wilderness as a hermit.

His body was later found by lost hikers who had used his cave as a shelter against a blizzard where they found his skeletal remains which were being used as chew sticks for a family a cougars.

After some forensic investigation the Sheriff’s Department and City Coroner found evidence to suggest the late monk died from alcohol posioning.

Bro Gov sure did like his home brewed Meade.

Greenfields after finding the tragic news of her late friend and captor named a Puma sandwich after him.


Governator put a huge Holley 4bbl carb on his Honda Prelude, so he could roll coal with the big boys on the block.


The Governator agreed that The Legend could ride on the hood after hours of
"why nots " and “how comes” and trying to distract him with promises of Ted Drews Custards if he stopped badgering him,


When young n wild Greenfields favorite past time was riding on the hood of a big ole merc going down the highway.


The Legend is known to drive a vintage Aston Martin with all kinds of wicked devices installed to foil the international villains hunting both Brother Gov and The Legend. The two were last seen in the parking lot of a McDonalds restaurant in Possum Vomit, West Virginia sipping on cherry cokes, shaken, not stirred.


But Joeybaggz was feeling very shaken and stirred as he remembered his dealings with the notorious two,and
hurriedly bought a one way ticket to the Solomon Islands to lay low ,and try and let things cool for a year or ten


Greetings from the sunny shores of Guadalcanal !!. Beaches are great here, a hundred bucks American makes you a millionaire, it’s about 80 degrees everyday and mostly sunshine. Live on the beach. No TV, no cell phones, no computers, just sand, sun, and fun. (oh and the occasional shark just off shore!) Own a gold mine and a pearl farming ranch. Bought em both for $300.00. Living like a king and loving every minute! Only problem, they have coca cola but no good booze. Can somebody send me a care package with a couple cases of Corona and two cases of Bacardi rum? Getting a little squirrely without the evening Cuba Libra. (don’t worry, plenty of limes here.) Just send it air freight to Joeybaggz, c/o Guadalcanal. The natives will deliver by dugout (that’s a canoe to you colonials)

Oh, and Greenfields has accepted my offer to leave that boring life back in civilization and come to the islands and work as a pearl diver. A beach house/cabana and a native cabana boy awaits!

Merry Christmas from the Solomons.


…Mumbled poor delirious Joeybaggz from his putrid prison bed,well,sack full of sticks.He tossed and turned and waking with a sweaty brow scratched at the bed bugs on his arms and began howling in anguish.
“why!why did I try to bring my own grog and beef jerky into this mad backward country!Just when everything was going so we-e-ellll…” And started to blubber in ernest…


Died, spent 200 years in Purgatory, then was recruited by St. Peter to be in Heaven’s new “Touched by an Angel program” and sent back to Earth to help people here on Catholic Answers.


phil didn’t realize that those of us on the ‘Outrageous Lies’ thread are beyond help…he spent countless hours…days…months…trying to reform us, but all we did was tell more outrageous ‘Outrageous Lies’…

After failure upon failure, he was recalled, lost his wings, and sent back to Earth with another impossible task - convince Hollywood to do a remake of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, with phil as Clarence, trying to earn his wings…

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