Tell an Outrageous Lie About the Previous Poster


Mary Gail and her sons, Donald and Clint, had to bribe their way onto this forum…she used her world-famous chocolate-chip cookies…her sons used the recipe [forged, of course] for Kentucky Fried Chicken…


Boldlygo’s shenanigans in the old CAF Back Fence forum are the reason there’s no more Back Fence. We’ll all be receiving flags for posting here. Thanks a lot. :rage:Curmudgeons on the loose!! :rage:


Boldlygo has never gone anywhere, not boldly, nor timidly. They spend most of their time of CAF, or spinning cat fur into yarn, and using it to knit sweaters for their dog.


My dog does have short hair, but she’d probably eat a sweater made of cat fur rather than be warmed by it…

Irishmom2 rolls her own cigarettes…she uses corn silk, pipe tobacco, and oregano, and rolls the mixture in old newspaper…


Sure…blame me for everything…the ‘Outrageous Lie’ threads had more views than any other threads on the old Forum!!

1Lord1Faith is happy to see this thread again…it allows him to be the congenital liar that he is without getting in trouble, and having his mouth washed out with Ivory soap…


1Lord1Faith is, in reality, the real person behind the discobot thing that pops in every so often on this new forum format with seemingly automated messages, kind of like the Wizard of Oz.


christofirst9 is afraid that the sky will fall. This is the reason that he always caries an umbrella around, even if there is no cloud seen.


Bartholo was first in line to get a free bag of chicken heads. He will use them to feed his pet alligator that he keeps in the bathtub of the guest room.


Boldlygo! Just when I thought I was out, you keep dragging me back in!


Irishmom2 is a doppelgänger of Irishmom from the old CAF!! What have you done with her?:flushed:


Mary_Gail_36 is a Jedi Knight and a clone of Mary_Gail_35.


Zaccheus’ ancestor is that Zaccheus from the Gospel…and he works for the IRS.


NuclearReceptor is really Montgomery Burns, from the Simpsons


Mary_Gail_36 once kissed Santa Claus.

Edit: And I just figured out how to quote. One must select the ‘quote whole post’ icon at the left end of the top line menu.


Zacheus has developed psychopathic tendencies. That’s why he designed the new forum.


mVitus!! Good to see you here, old friend!! Now, down to some serious lying…

mVitus was once arrested for indecent exposure…he rolled down his window to ask for directions, and the traffic officer thought he was being mooned!


Wait, that only happened once?

It’s nice to see you too.

boldlygo has recently expanded his cat-fur sweater business by employing people “under the table” so to speak at his secret factory underground. There they tend to the cat farm stocked with GMO cats that have been given genes from merino sheep and shear them biweekly for the precious fur.


Industrialist mVitus single-handedly created the notion of global warming and climate change, for the sole purpose of boosting sales at his air conditioner and umbrella factories.




And christofirst9 is secretly his partner in crime- saying that mVitus “single-handedly” did it so that he [christofirst9] can cover up his crime for breaking the sky by chucking a rock at it. That’s why he needs the umbrella factories.

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