Tell an Outrageous Lie About the Previous Poster


youngsterat16 is is breeding rats for experiments. He is attempting to breed super-rats to clone a rat army to take over the world.


Bartholo has decided to counter the ratpocalypse with his own army of capybaras.


mVitus likes to blackmail capybaras scientists in order to help the ratpocalypse cause. The fact that there is a
chance of his secret plan going to waste really worries him.


DetectiveNiko will do anything to crack open a case, and if that isn’t possible, then makes up outrageous lies.


Irishmom2 is not really Irish at all, but is actually from Freedonia, the country in the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup.


christofirst9 was considered for the main role in Duck Soup, until he farted in the trial outs.


Bartholo refused to audition for any part in Duck Soup because of the fowl language, not to mention cruelty to animals.


And christofirst9 is secretly his partner in crime- saying that mVitus “single-handedly” did it so that he [christofirst9] can cover up his crime for breaking the sky by chucking a rock at it. That’s why he needs the umbrella factories.

Youngster at 16 is totally 38 years old.


Random Alias is not random at all. His parents named him.


Zaccheus is currently engaged in designing dehydrated water (just add water and you’ll have water) for hikers in the country. He plans to silence competition on naysayers when the ratpocalypse comes.


boldlygo is an artificial intelligence designed to fool everyone on CAF.


IWantGod tried to get Irishmom2 to give him her pink “I” avatar in exchange for 25 likes.


1Lord1Faith is a sapient chrysanthemum.


Zaccheus was loosed upon the earth like a genie from a bottle when someone unsuspectingly opened an innocent-looking jar of mixed nuts.


Zaccheus, among other things is a skilled amateur chef…when given the opportunity to appear on ‘Chopped’, he jumped at the chance.
Unfortunately for him, just as the show was about to begin, Ted Allen mentioned the fact that literally millions of people would be watching…as soon as Zaccheus opened the basket, he froze…his eyes glassed over…his mouth hung open…he just stared blankly for 20 minutes…
When it was time for judgment, he gave Amanda Freitag a big smooch, did a Woody Woodpecker laugh, ran around in small circles for two minutes, and ran offstage just as the guys with the net showed up…
Needless to say, that episode never aired, and Zaccheus was not invited back…


Boldlygo was. This is to say, was invited back.
He cooked the best lemon merengue pie EVER.


Zaccheus spiked that lemon meringue pie with hallucinogens and after multiple people swatted at the “giant eagles” that episode too never aired.


mVitus, seeing that human beings would never come to worship him, sneaked into the pentagon and was caught trying to steal the nuclear launch codes.

He now resides in a prison cell 50 miles under the earth where he spends most of his time doing apoligetics on CAF. I guess he’s trying to make up for something…


IWantGod is the guard of mVirtus. He extorts untold sums of money from mVirtus in exchange for internet access.


coughs I’m a she.

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