Tell an Outrageous Lie About the Previous Poster


DetectiveNiko still hasn’t noticed.

(It does say outrageous…)


mVitus is descended from Saint Vitus. He of the Dance.


Zaccheus dances like a white person and as such, has been paid $100,000,000 tonever horrofy people with his moves.

Side note: His patronage of comedians led him to be my confirmation choice.


Don’t know how you did that, but it’s very cool. :nerd_face:


At the bottom right of your screen is the ‘reply’ button. To the left of that are three icons. The leftmost icon looks like two dice. The middle one looks like a pencil and lets you edit. The rightmost one is three dots in a line.
Click on the two dice icon and you can insert links.

I hope you didn’t look at this post yet because I made a mistake and had to edit it. :confused:



Zaccheus is 6’9" tall and never needs to sit up in trees to see anyone go by.


Irishmom2 once mistook a cucumber that fell out of her groceries for a snake and shot it until it was a pulpy mess, then realized what she did, collected the pulp, and made tzatziki.

It was delicious.


Xndrk is descended from the mole people.


mVitus trains for hot dog eating contests by gulping prodigious amounts of boiled cabbage.


RandomAlias trains for cabbage eating contests by gulping prodigious amounts of boiled hot dogs.


XndrK is the founder of MacDonald’s and claims that it has the most healthiest food on the planet.


IWantGod really just wants a Big Mac and large fries.


Irishmom2 is secretly Scottishgranddma4


Zaccheus was spying on Scottishgranddma4, that’s how he knows this.


James214 is stalking Zaccheus and that’s how he is aware of it.


Irishmom2 can’t make Shepherd’s Pie, so she was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s getting Big Macs for her children, which is when she saw me watching Zaccheus up in his tree.


Aaaaah that’s not a lie that’s actually true!


IwantGod was so caught up in his web of lies he told the truth.


James214 spends his free time writing romance novels for aliens.


Irishmom2 is really a Russian spy. She does it out of love of Putin.

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