Tell me about a good electric razor *gift idea*


shopping for DH


Got my DH a Braun, one of their middle range ones, paid about $80. I think I got it at Target.

I did a bunch of research online and the concensus from the men seemed to be that those triple head ones were very painful. Lots of recommendations on the Braun but some didn’t like the self cleaners. They had a part that broke off easily and the cleaning cartridges were expensive. The one I got can be run under water (just the top though.) DH really likes it. He had to switch from a regular blade when his new position at work forced the hairy guy to shave every day. The regular blade just tore up his face.

Good luck.


I can’t use an electric razor at all (I’ve tried several brands & types); they make my skin raw & leave the hair. I used to use a double edge razor but sometimes it’s hard to grt blades, then I switched to the Gelette Mach III - I loved it but the blades are expensive :eek: .
Now I use a straight razor - it’s great :thumbsup: One blade lasts a lifetime:dancing:


Been using a Norelco (3-head type) for 5 - 6 years now. As long as you replace the blades annually it’ll be fine.

It (as with any electric) will take some time to get used to. Your facial skin will “toughen up/de-sensitize” a bit, but more importantly you need to shave daily. Much beyond a 2-day growth and using an electric will feel like you’re pulling out the hairs in clumps!

I can’t use a blade… it cuts too close. I wind up with more ingrown hairs & pimples than the blade-close shave is worth!


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