Tell me about the wesleyan faith

I work with 2 ladies who are wesleyan. I am curious as to what they believe and how they worship.

My sister goes to a Wesleyan church that is a mega church and all they really do is have a Christian band concert and then they act all dramatic when they pray and throw their hands up and holler “amen”, “hallelujah” and “praise God”. I think I heard some place that they are taking some books out of their version of the Bible. They can also get “born again”.

Although I would never cite Wikipedia as an official source…they do have a great article on the founder of the Weslyan/Methodist Demoninations: John Wesley. He was a travelling minister during the 18th century in America. Here’s the link:

An important thing to remember is that we cannot group all Wesleyans (or Protestants in general) together…just due to the fact that there have been so many splinters withing the denomination that many different churches have many different styles of worship and beliefs. I hope this helps!

Here is a summary of their beliefs. They trace their roots back to John Wesley and the Methodist movement, so are similar to United Methodists, but tend to be a bit more conservative and more evangelical.

Wesleyans are part of the holiness movement in that they emphasize John Wesley’s teachings on Christian perfection or entire sanctification.They are very similar to the Church of the Nazarene, the Salvation Army, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Yes, very like the Nazarenes.

When I was a kid and attended the Nazarene church with my parents, our youth group use to plan events with the Free Methodists and held concerts together.

He was in America early in his ministry, but most of his activities as an evangelist and religious leader were confined to America. He sent preachers into America much later, and they founded American Methodism (he was reluctant to set up a separate church–he never did this in Britain and only did it in America because of the chaotic situation after the Revolution, in which the Church of England was refusing to give the American Anglicans bishops and American Anglicanism was in considerable disarray).

Also, “Wesleyan” can mean many things. It may mean:

  1. The broad spectrum of movements/theological ideas stemming from Wesley. This usually includes both the “mainline” Methodist denominations and the various “Holiness” denominations, including some Pentecostals. However, some of us call ourselves Wesleyan because of our theology and heritage even though we no longer belong to an officially “Wesleyan” denomination.

  2. In Britain, the “Wesleyans” were historically the main Methodist denomination–bigger and relatively more “respectable” than the others. Today the major British Methodist denominations have reunited, so the term doesn’t mean as much.

  3. In America, by contrast, the “Wesleyan” denomination is a smaller group that split away from what was then the Methodist Episcopal Church (now, after several mergers, known as the United Methodist Church) in the 1840s, largely because they thought the Methodist Episcopal Church wasn’t strongly enough opposed to slavery, and in general was losing its radicalism. In the 1960s, it united with a small Holiness denomination called the Pilgrim Holiness Church.


They trace their roots back to John Wesley and the Methodist movement.

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