Tell me all things Wii!


best multiplayer games, controlers and more


Did you get one? It’s going to be a Wii Christmas in my circle of friends this year - 3 families I know got one. That said I don’t know much about the controllers or games. I did play one once last summer and it was a lot of fun. I just played the games that came with it - tennis, boxing, etc. and it was a lot of fun. Kids loved it, too.


santa is bringing it for the kids this year
mrs claus was able to talk him into it because it is interactive and up to 4 kids at a time can play it TOGETHER.
and mama wants a dance mat!

**so folks tell me all things wii and please do not burst my bubble or santa will have my head because he got up at 4 am on a work day and with a cold to get it and therefore we’d all better darned well like it a LOT!:smiley: **


I know alot about this topic lol, I had quite a time last year trying to get a Wii ( ended waiting outside a circuit city for 3+ hrs in freezing weather :frowning: ) Well the first thing you should know is that the controller is sold in two different parts: The wii-mote and nun-chuck. it can get pretty expensive for both parts going up to $60 total for each complete controller. There are a bunch of games that are great for playing with a group of people, like wii sports, it should be noted that the basic wii sports comes with the Wii, or at least it did when i bought it. Some other multiplayer games are Wii play, Mario Party 8, Sonic/Mario Olympics, Mario Strikers Charged (soccer)
theres a full list on (which you can also order from) There is also something called Virtual console on the Wii. The Virtual Console or VC is a basically an online store which you can access from home on your wii, and on this store, you can buy games from the classic era (original super mario etc)from 1985-2000 (all of this purchasing is a digital download which takes about a min or less for each game (prices dont go higher than $10) There are currently around 300 games you can download from the VC (they tend to be simpler, for younger kids) should answer the technical quesitons if you have any .

Hope your kids love the Wii :smiley:


DH and I have a Wii, and boy do we love it. We like to compete against each other with the Wii Sports training thing (the part that tells you your fitness age based on 3 randomly selected events). We also like to play the different sport games with each other.

We’ve downloaded from the Wiistore a couple of games (Mario 64, Mario Kart 64) and have a gamecube game for it (The Thousand Year Door). My co-worker got us Mario Party 8 for a wedding gift (:D) and we also enjoy playing that with friends or against each other. We bought some cheap ‘classic’ Nintendo controllers from Wal-Mart to play the game cube game and Mario 64. We didn’t want to spend gobs of money for the same thing with a brand name. We also had to get an external memory card for the Thousand Year Door, so watch out for stuff like that. :confused:

We get emails from Nintendo about various things they’re doing, mainly to the Wiimotes to make them safer - we got thicker wrist-straps for free and we’re waiting on the Wiimote jackets for added safety.

I recommend clearing a LARGE space for game play - I hit DH once playing baseball, a couple chairs in bowling, and about broke my finger once. BUT - I’ve yet to throw it through the TV or a window. :smiley:

Be safe and enjoy it!


One of the best multiplayer games you actually get right out of the box, Wii sports should hold you up for quite a while.

Yeah, looking at Gamestop or other stores isn’t too bad an idea. Just make sure you’re careful about the ratings if you’re buying for the family.

The more space to play, the better…

Ah, it may be a good idea to look at the scores the games get from the major gaming magazines/websites. There are quite a few games for the Wii that aren’t very good (hint: don’t buy any game based off of a movie)… Like I said, be careful about what you buy.



WarioWare: Smooth Moves is my favorite Wii game. It has the most versatile use of the controller that I have seen, although I am by no means a Wii expert.

Have fun! :smiley:


I agree with this!


I am so glad you asked this. Santa is dropping one off for US this year too! LOL


Finally a thread I can actually help with! I worked at a video game store for two years and I am an avid Nintendo fan. Okay, first of all, you really only need one Wiimote per person that will be playing. Only one or two nunchuk controllers are necessary as they are not actually used for most multiplayer games. The Wii itself comes with a game called Wii sports which basically helps you get used to the motion controls and is a great multiplayer game in itself. The sports on the game include boxing, baseball, bowling, and tennis. Another great party game is Mario Party (8?). It is basically a virtual board game that takes a little bit of strategy and a lot of luck. In between each “round” there are mini games to be played where you win coins that you can use to buy things in game or save to aid you when buying a star. The player that collects the most stars is the winner! Hooray! PM me if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh yeah! the set up of the entire console is incredibly easy. just a couple of plugs and you are good to go!


I don’t know much about it. I did play it once at a friend’s house, and it was a lot of fun. I thought it was pretty easy to pick up, especially considering that I’m generally useless with video games. It’s definitely a good idea for a big family, what with all the controllers.


For the first few days, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time with the “miis”- catooney versions of yourself that you create on software on the wii itself. You’d be surprised what you can do with that program- some of those I’ve seen are easy to recognise.:cool: :wink:


I played one of the first video games (NO! IZ NOT GONNA REVEAL WHICH ONE!) and hated it because it built up a lot of physical tension in me.

Maybe Wii is the answer.


It’s how the littlest piggie went all the way home.


Excite Truck is a really really fun game to play on Wii. Zelda:Twilight Princess is fun, but really long.

I got my Wii mainly so I could download all the old Nintendo, SEGA, and TurboGrafx games.

The Wii is super fun and totally worth it ( I waited 10hrs outside a Target on a very cold December night to get it)


My SIL won one at a job fair. Hers was all decked out with stuff, so I am not sure what comes with it.
I think you are probably going to need to pick up 2-3 extra controllers and another nun-chuck.

That being said, I am sooooooooooo jealous!

AND DDR??? I am most envious, and I think I shall pout.


Oh, I almost forgot- Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band! Both. Are Awesome. Or so I hear.:thumbsup:

But I think both are rated Teen…:o


I know about Wii…I just want to know what my chances are on actually getting one two weeks before Christmas!


Man, I love my Wii. We got it last May because I had Wiienvy. Best purchase EVER.

The Harry Potter game is fun, you use the remote as a wand and have to move it certain ways to cast specific spells. Wii Sports has us saving money, we no longer go bowling. SmoothMoves Wario is a lot of fun, but one player. The carnival game is fun, you play skee ball and blow uo the water ballons. I also really like Big Brain Academy. My fiance lives for Zelda. We’ve downloaded several of the original NES games.

Cooking Mama Cook Off is what I’ve asked for Christmas. And for the non kids, in a few months they are puttint out WiiFit, which is an exersize program, you can search it on YouTube, it’s totally awesome looking, with step aerobics, yoga, core strength exersizes, and toning.

I love the system simply because you have to move to use it. After we got it we did bowling for like 3 hours. It’s amazing to realize that “throwing” a five oz controller actually will make your arm hurt, but it did.
The surgery game is terrible though


My oldest son bought a wii with his money from work. Oh my goodness is it fun! :slight_smile:

Sadly my son is going to run off to college and take the wii system with him! He has already said that he is taking it away.:eek:

Now I am going to have to buy one for our home. But I will wait until after Christmas to do so.

Zelda is very fun but difficult in some places to figure out.My son got a big player handbook to cheat with on this game. But I honestly got stuck in some levels, so the playerbook helps.

I want the dance mat thingie too.:smiley:

Your shoulders will hurt after playing this game, so beware.:smiley:

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