Tell me...exactly how bad is this?


I can rarely go to Mass. The only time it’s possible is when my grandmother wants to take me and my sister to Mass. This happens maybe a couple of times a month. My mom is always tired and doesn’t really feel like taking us, and I guess my dad doesn’t really see the point. My sister and I can’t drive ourselves yet (we’re 15). So we can rarely go to Mass, and I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to go every week.
So, is that a very mortal sin, or even a sin at all? I’m not really sure, though I’ve been feeling bad about it and I think it might be. I would go to Mass every day if I could, but I can rarely even go on Sunday. I don’t want to miss it, but it’s very difficult to get there…we’re virtually immobile. Is this really bad, that we don’t go often?


God does not expect you to do the impossible. If you have no way to get to Mass on the weekends you do not go, that is not your sin. God knows what is in your heart. Thank Him for your grandmother and look forward to the time that you can go more often. Frequent attendance at Mass is a wonderful gift.


No, you and your sister are not committing ANY sin at all. Although you are correct that attending Mass on Sunday is a serious obligation for Catholics, and it is a serious sin to miss Mass without a good reason, it is NOT a sin to miss Mass due to circumstances beyond your control (illness, bad weather, car breakdown, family emergency, etc.)

If anything, it is your PARENTS who are committing serious sin, not only by failing to fulfill their own Mass obligation, but also by preventing you and your sister from fulfilling yours.

Could you ask another parishioner or a friend who lives near you to pick you and your sister up on Sundays so you can attend every week or at least more frequently?


And next time you go to mass maybe ask the priest to help you find somebody too! Even if you don’t really know them, as long as your parents are ok with it then there shouldn’t be a problem. I know there’s a lot of really nice older people at my parish who get lonely sometimes, and I’m sure they would love your company and volunteer in a heartbeat!

On another note… if your parents are against carpooling then at least the attempt will show them how important this is to you… so maybe then they’ll drive you.



Good advise here. Especially the last part. See if someone can pick you up.

If the problem persists, try to at least see the mass on TV. EWTN runs mass every day, some Local channels will too depending on your location. Or you could by the mass on tape or DVD. You can get the appropriate readings from the EWTN website and watch the mass there if you can’t get EWTN on your TV.
I know that this does not technically fulfill the requirement to attend mass, but if there is no alternative, this would be the next best thing and help you to feel better.
(It might also stir your parents a bit if they hear the mass regularly. ;))



Just to add a couple suggestions to the good advice you’ve already received:

Is the church out of bicycle range for you and your sister?

From the way you describe your parents, it sounds like they are capable of at least giving you a lift but are just choosing not to. Is there any thing you (and your sis) could do in exchange for the promise of a ride on Sunday? A few extra chores around the house, maybe? Reason I would try to work the problem this way is because it doesn’t appear from your post that your parents are getting the fact that this is important to you. By going a bit above and beyond around the house - something any parent with teenagers will tell you gets their immediate attention - it will help drive home the point that this isn’t some wistful thing to you. They will know you feel it’s important, and maybe, with a bit of prayer too, they might see their way to do this one important thing for you each week.


you are not sinning at all… it is only a sin if you choose to not go to Mass, when you can. If you can’t make it there, for transportation, health, etc, reasons, that’s not sinful :slight_smile: God knows you just can’t make it there. I have the same problem sometimes.

God bless


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