Tell me how badly I screwed up please


I made a blog on the issue of life. I know there are lots of peeps on CAF who know the issue of life better than I and so I was wondering how badly I screwed up.

Blog here:


I will not tell you “how badly you screwed up”.

I will mention however that what you wrote seems to be based on the “humanistic” approach.
It seems to miss the point of the spirit of God, and although the world may see it as benifical, it is not based on the “mercy of God”.

I did not see where God came into it.
Scientology looks not at spirit because it cannot understand what it cannot understand and science in all forms psychology as well cannot understand spirit, since spirit cannot be seen in how science understands. Discernment is different though, and comes from God as a gift, leaving judgment to God, the world tells us to “judge between” which is wrong.

God tells us NOT to judge, but to discern and to live by mercy, and mercy in all “TRUTH” comes as a gift from God.


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