Tell me something good about your parish priest


Someone else already has a thread going on how to thank our priests, but I’m interested in hearing WHY we want to thank them.

There are a great many things I can say about our pastor, but I’ll limit myself to the one quality that really sticks out in my mind…

No matter how busy he is, or how hard he works, he always seems to find the time to listen to people, to pray with them when they need it, to offer spiritual direction, or a shoulder to cry on. He’s also incredibly funny and has a real gift for analogy, which makes him a great homilist. oops…that’s three things. Sorry…I couldn’t help mysef! :stuck_out_tongue:



I also can think of many great things to say about my parish priest, but I will limit myself to these: he is orthodox in the celebration of the sacraments, he is personable and compassionate, he has a good sense of humor, and he is good at the business end of running the parish. He is truly a man of many talents. Thank you, Father. Happy Year of the Priest!


Courageous, obedient, reverent, friendly, interested in the youth, actively pro-life, preaches the tough stuff, encourages devotion, and loves and respects the Body and Blood of Jesus.


Fr. Mike is the embodiment of common sense. He doesn’t mess with the Mass. He’s compassionate in confession. He works very hard. He’s cool under pressure - once he was robbed at gunpoint in the rectory and he managed the situation with no injury to anyone there. You go, Fr. Mike!



He seems happy to be with us. He is orthodox. He is a wonderful homilist. The consecration is so reverent, that it gives me goosebumps. He is kind, encouraging, and helpful in confession. He facilitates Bible Study. He says Masses 6 days a week and hears confessions 5 days a week, in spite of snow, rain, and sickness. (Hurricanes and holidays are a different story.)


Right at the present moment ( and this to shall pass) we don’t have a Priest.

But the Last Priest we had was a great center for our salvation, His Homilies were so good I could sit there and listen to him forever. He was a Priest highly devouted the the Divine Chaplet of Mercy and the litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He was just totally awesome, and a very busy person. He will be truly missed in our parish it became his home, away from home. He is from poland, and truly dedicated to his church, and the needs of his sheep ( people). He was everything a parish could ask for in a Good Shepard. Way to Go Father Peter! congraduations on being the best Priest I have ever had in my 12 years of being a catholic.

The Priest we have during day masses he is a wonderful person also , and his homilies are beautiful to especially on the Saints, Way to Go Father Karris. He is also a author/ artist. I have one of his book’s.

My input on the Greatness of God’s love for the Priest!


Blessed be our saviour Jesus
Blessed be our Priests


He’s very generous and takes time to answer all my questions, and he is very straighforward and definite in his answers, which makes it much less confusing for me. He introduced me to several parishioners, which has really helped me to feel welcome, as I am so new to the Church. He recommends and lends books to me. His homilies are very relevant and to the point. He has a great sense of humour, is friendly and always make me feel welcome. I like observing the kind way in which he treats everyone, especially the children in the parish.


Kristie… GREAT idea!

We are blessed with TWO wonderful priests (and word is, we’re about to get a third! :smiley: ); Our Pastor… Fr. John, is a wonderfully prayerful man. He is devoted to Our Blessed Mother. He learns EVERYONES names… and calls you BY your name; and gives the biggest bear hugs ever! The children of our parish love him, and flock around him. It reminds me of how Our Lord attracted the children to Him.

Our Associate Pastor… Fr. Michael… is on FIRE with the love of God and of the Church! He is never, ever “too busy” to give blessings, the Sacraments (you can ask him, as he’s walking toward the Rectory… to hear your confession, and he will turn right around and march down to the Confessional!). And he is a natural born teacher and Scripture Scholar. He can answer any question you have, about Sacred Scripture or Church Teaching.

Our two priests have very different charisms… but they compliment one another, beautifully. They make a wonderful team. Our parish membership has swelled greatly, since their arrivals. I hope they never leave! :gopray2:

God bless.


My parish priest is very hard to describe. When he first came to our parish I thought he was an impersonal person. Somewhat stand-offish and hard to approach. My first impression of him was he seemed to act not too interested in the parish people. But as time went on my impression of him changed. I found him to be very holy and wanting his parish community to live as good Catholics. He truly loves the Church and wants all of us to respect the House of God. At one homily not too long ago he seem to vent and exclaim that we need to prepare ourselves for the Holy Sacrafice of the mass. He told us that we need to start preparing ourselves for mass not by “running into church and sitting our fat *** into the pew to wait for a show to begin”. This statement shocked me and many other parishioners but I began to laugh because he was right. We need to be aware of where we are and to be respectful to the Holy Eucharist. Stay quiet in before mass and allow other people to pray in peace and quiet.
You are certainly right, Fr. Peter I respect you and think that you are a Holy Man. God Bless!!


He puts up with me.

Nothing more need be said.


So much to say! Our Pastor has started an Adoration Chapel that is open every day during daylight hours–this was 4 years in the works, previous to that we had adoration in the church one day a week. Our associates (several over the years) have been wonderful with training the altar boys to be reverant, precise, and helpful; with really getting the youth on fire for the Lord–including starting a pro-life club at the public school. All of the priests are good homilists and excellent liturgists–I have never seen an abuse or questionable practices.

I LOVE my priests! :smiley:


He balances pastoral mercy and good administration. He has really helped stretch the buck and yet meet most needs.

This Sunday in announcing the Year of the Priest, he gave a small testimonial to of his own life as a priest. He then asked for a very rare reflection from a 20 year old seminarian we have in our parish home for the summer.

What these men give is amazing.


He is orthodox yet bends to his parishioners needs as much as possible. He gives a good sermon and is a wonderful confessor. My 3 yr old granddaughter loves him.


I am grateful that our pastor responded to God’s call to the priesthood (toward the end of a successful business career) at a time in his life when most men are looking forward to retirement. He is pastor of four churches at a time when other men his age spend a lot of time on the golf course.

He is a widower, a father, and a grandfather. But he is also a great spiritual father to us. He is able to counsel on marriage and family issues from experience, since he has lived it. (Priests who have never been married can do a wonderful job at this too, but his advice is particularly practical and nitty-gritty.)

He is a man of prayer (I often see him praying before the tabernacle, a good example to parishioners). He is pro-life and always preaches the truth, even when it is not popular.

The tenth anniversary of his ordination is coming up in a few days. But he probably won’t have much time to celebrate; he is probably busy packing, as he is being transferred to another parish in a different part of the diocese in a couple of weeks. We will miss him.


Here are some various priests:

  1. He always manages to put stuff into perspective for me when I’m fretting about stuff!
  2. He says “brethren” rather than “brothers and sisters”
  3. He’s always smiling.
  4. He’s a total elitist about literature and isn’t afraid to say it!
  5. He is about 40 or so but to speak to he is as sweet as a child!


If you happen to be in Round Rock, Texas, stop by the Saint William’s Cathoic Church , then you will see the love and dedication of our pastor to his ministry. :slight_smile:

Fr. Joel McNeil is an awesom priest!


Our pastor is a great administrator. He led us through a multi million dollar renovation. The dept is just about paid off after just 10 years.

He greets everyone after just about every mass even if he was not saying the mass.

He is 100% supportive of the KC and he is a 3rd degree member himself.

He is a deliberate dramatic speaker and his sermons are usually very appropriate for the readings of the day.


My dear friend

It’s late here so I’ll put just a few points.
Very holy and virtuous. Often misunderstood. Under a lot of pressure because any slight fault is on the 6 o’clock news and people expect their priest to be perfect whilst they expect very little of themselves. A man of penance. a stoic. Exceedingly generous to the truly needy. Loyal to the pope and the church. A man striving for perfection who does his utmost to celebrate the Mass and sacraments perfectly. Solid as a rock under fire from our enemies. A man of great learning. a man who loves God and His church. and more.

My spiritual director is a saintly man whom i’ve slighted and deeply regret that. He was there the first time I noticed God give me encouragement by answering my prayer.

I’ve known these priests 20 yrs which is when I found my church and owe a great debt to them. That’s why you should pray for your priest.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Our priest is the perfect combination between someone who truly gets the importance of staying 100% faithful to Church teachings and being 100% connected to the people of his parish on their terms. You’re just as likely to find him on his weekly Catholic radio show mincing no words about the negative state of some parishes and what should be done to fix them, as you are to see him sitting around at the local firehall having a beer with the guys–where he STILL finds a way to talk to them, man to men, about stuff like sin and temptation. He’s a real “man’s man.” He took the time and effort to learn every parishioner’s name from the first time he met them, and he uses it in conversation next time he sees you. As different as they are from each other, my grandfather, my father, my husband, and my 3 yr old son all think the world of him. My little guy sits in church and waits for him, and when he sees him come out, he exclaims in an excited whisper, “LOOK! There’s Father!!” He’s a true blessing to the world.

In second place I’d nominate another priest I know who is the best confessor I’ve had yet. His piety, prayerfulness, and kindness overall (combined with being a Polish native) remind me of a young John Paul II. He’s a gift too!

Praise God for priests!!


Well, which priest? :smiley:

Our main pastor is so approachable, humorous, kind and friendly, that he eases some of my fears. His homilies also illuminate the history and context of many Gospel readings.

Another pastor, from Africa (and who just went to a new assignment, Godspeed!) gave wonderful homilies about family life and actually spoke out many times against abortion, a rarity in this all-too-liberal town. He runs a foundation for the care of pregnant girls who would otherwise have abortions.

Another visiting priest reduced me to tears with his kindness and patience with me during Confession. In fact all our visiting priests (usually from Africa or India) have been great blessings to our parish.

Another one, our hospital chaplain, runs the Eucharistic Adoration program, and also gives wonderful homilies that urge us to be better Christians.

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