Tell someone else, you love them dearly


Sorry spelling mistake. it should be “else” not “less”.


fixed it for you!



Please tell us what you mean? Do we tell someone such as a parent or a spouse, that we love them and then come back here and tell others?

Or tell someone here on CAF that you love them? :rofl:

Or something else?


I Love You Dearly (Philia Love):



Seriously and I mean this from the bottom of my heart I love all of you here----y’all have taught, encouraged, helped and motivated me. Y’all just don’t know how wonderful it is for someone that is a homebody like me who never travels to hear from all of y’all how the rest of the world lives, Catholics and non Catholics alike. God Bless each and every one of you and yours.



I admire anyone who has the courage to express their love like this Cajun. People love you because you love them. Simple as that.
Now as far as me loving anyone dearly that would be my partner and dog. I struggle to love with “intensity” outside that. I’ve become stingy when it comes to love which is not the Christian ideal I know.And that goes to show the more you know someone, the better chance of loving them dearly. Also implications for loving God as well.
Now the people on CAF are, on the whole pretty nice. Above average for an internet forum I have to say. Some of you have helped me a lot with faith building. others with encouragement. There is good comradeship here and fellowship.I am now exrpessing my appreciation for that. So God Bless you all!


You’re a tigress! I was hoping you’d leave it as is. Anyway, turns out this might be 5 star thread after all.


I’m sure you inadvertently left me off your list.:blush:


I can only do so through the grace of God and with the help of the Holy Spirit. God loves me so much even thought I am GREATLY flawed, GREATLY wrong, GREATLY shallow and GREATLY lazy—He loves me. I am TRYING to see others through Jesus’ eyes and love the way Jesus’ loves but I’m sad to say I fall very short most of the time. I think I’ve got it right then I fall right on my face again. BUT THANK YOU LORD for forgiveness and clean slates to start over. I’m a sinner on a long bumpy road to Sainthood.


I’ll put you on my list then Tad.


It won’t let me list anymore… :confused:


That’s very loving of you.


“And the greatest of these is love (or charity).”

Feel the charity, y’all.

From me to you. :grinning:


Yes, let us remember that sweet word “charity” :roll_eyes:


I’m sort of infatuated with Catholics, you’re all one of 1.2 billion and I love you dearly.

For the rest of you, when are you starting RCIA?.


It is wonderful to be able to know our Christian family in this modern age :slight_smile:


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