Telling a Woman She's Beautiful

Sometimes I have an urge to tell a woman I don’t know that she’s physically beautiful. For example, I drove through a restaurant the other night, I wanted to tell the lady at the register that I thought she was pretty.

But…something holds me back. I’m not sure if there’s a good reason to hold back from saying that. The only reason I could think of is if another woman overhears it and it may be cause to incite jealousy. But in the case where you know there’s only you and the other person, I’m not sure why there’s reason not to openly tell another person you appreciate their beauty.

What do you all think?

If a woman is paid that much of a compliment from a complete stranger, it feels rather creepy. It’s inappropriate in a short business exchange.
If you feel you have to give a compliment, it would be more normal to pay a small compliment, like, “you have a nice smile”, rather than “you’re beautiful”.
But most women will find this unwelcome. They’re at the restaurant window to give food out, not be ogled by men. I work in a public service job, and all the women I know (and me) find things like this creepy and inappropriate.
Sorry - - just be friendly and nice - - any woman will appreciate that much more. If you’re trying to get to know her to ask her out, try making general conversation.

Thanks, that’s great feedback, that’s why I asked…I guess that’s why I’ve been holding back, maybe subconsciously I knew it would more than likely make her feel uncomfortable. I guess a smile and “thank you” is more appropriate

Tis a judgment call…

It is 2016… you can’t talk to a woman without being wrong lol.

I heard a great thing on the radio talking about the benifits of smiling at strangers and a caller mentioned that men can’t because they will be rapists in the eyes of women…and those pushing for smiles were like “Oh yeah… well maybe guys should be really careful…”


But seriously in 2016 I find the best avenue for such is a direct almost girl like compliment (I work were I cant say jack without being a creeper) so things like “wow that is a grest dress” or “nice hair style”…

Ironically since women think all dudes are creepers this approach of acting near like the gay friend allows the compliments. Plus if you are going to interact again you have entered as a non creeper positive person. Once you achieve that you can if she isn’t totally insane usually give real compliments.

On the flip side if I had no ties to things fully infiltrated by modernism, I would just be me. If you are being honest and kind and someone takes it wrong because of their preconceived mental issues… tis their problem. I pine for the day I am retired and can forget political correctness :slight_smile:

Oh and learn your talking skills.

I mean in the secular world for an extreme example:

Go to the bar and slap a girls butt = slappy in the facey

Go to the bar and say 2 sentences to a girl and then slap her butt = giggles, smiles, and a phone number…

Women are weird lol you can say something nice and be a creeper

But by the same token you can say a few dumb things and then all but BE a creeper and all of a sudden you are wonderful…

Ah women :confused:

Sounds like a great way to get a restraining order, or punched…

I would refrain from doing so. Many women these days do not see a stranger paying them a compliment like that as a good thing. At best they see it as kind of creepy… And for good reason, you’re intention may not be bad, but far too many men pay similar compliments and their intentions are not honorable in the slightest.

A young female friend of mine was paid a very similar, seemingly friendly and innocuous compliment on the street by a guy recently. And she gave a friendly reply thanking him for the compliment. However it resulted in a situation that quickly became uncomfortable for the young woman the point of it actually being dangerous to the young woman. And most the women I’ve talked to in response to that situation think the best response a woman can give to such compliments is either to ignore them entirely, or say a curt “thanks” and quickly move away. The overwhelming consensus was that women don’t particularly like being complimented by strange men and that women should avoid men who feel the urge to do so.

So proceed with caution or not at all would be my advice.

It wouldn’t be a sin, but I don’t think a woman will appreciate a stranger telling her she’s beautiful. It’s a nice thing to say, but it’s weird when it’s coming from a stranger.


But seriously. Leave the women alone. She’s not in the window to be social, she’s there to work. You can interact with them without being creepy.

Judgement call. Would I do it? Depends. Have I done it? Not really.

Probably safer to say it to a stranger than a friend or coworker.

I worked in retail (grocery chain) all through college. The rule was, if a man told any of us anything like that, the male store manager would check that person out on subsequent visits. We called for a " code whatever".
May sound like an extreme measure, but the company knew it creeper the girls out and they were protective of us. :shrug:

If a woman you didn’t know came up to you and said
“You’re beautiful” what would you think of her?
once the ego deflated a little, you might also find it strange.

The problem isn’t that you’re seeing the
physical attributes of the woman
or that you see and appreciate
the outer beauty of the woman.
the problem is that you
don’t see “THE WOMAN” at all.

Look beyond the superficial my friend.
That’s where the true beauty lies.


There is a time and place to tell a woman is beautiful.

As a woman, I might appreciate it if someone thought that, but would not appreciate it if a strange man actually said to to me out of the blue. So I think it’s best to just be really nice - that goes much further…

I’ve told many women they are beautiful. I told a total stranger I was going to marry her. That just has more to do with my sense of humour (seriously, when my mother went to where she worked, she would ask her where her husband was). On the one hand, it can go one of two weeks, y’all could become good friends, or she could be creeped out. Not all women react the same way. However, I would say get to know this woman first. I’ve told women they were beautiful, and I have never be smacked for it, and none of them thought I was odd for it. (Other reasons, yes, but not that one)

Well if you want to get charged with sexual harrassment or get punched in the face…:shrug:

Exactly! How would you (the OP) like being told by some strange woman that you were very handsome while you were doing your job? Are you there to be handsome? Or are you there to do a good job, be courteous, provide good customer support etc? You falsely assume that women mainly want to be thought of as beautiful. Like an ornament…

And it ain’t at the drive-through window.

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