Telling kids lies

I am not sure if this is where I should post this but since it has to do with lying to young men in a Catholic School, I think this is the right place.

I have been recently fired from my head coaching job on the JV basketball team for no specific reason. They gave me 4 reasons but still a bit confused about the firing because I can say that yes 1 issue was my fault but I did write a letter of apology and served a 2 game suspension.

That particular issue happened because I confronted the coach and the parents of another Catholic School, about there players calling my players gay, fags and bitches. 1 player actually called out 1 of our students attending the game to a fight. First let me explain that my team lost by 1 point in that game. The other incidents were 2 games that we won by 50 points. Both games I did have my bench in the games in the whole 2nd half of the game, but the other teams are not that good. The last incident was in a game that was close and my team pulled it out in the end, but the other coach called me classless and called me a ***** and said he would kick my ***. Now, later that day that said coach or AD called my school and made a complaint about me being classless and clapping when his players missed a shot. Mind you when his team was winning and we missed shots, the very same person who called me classless for clapping, was doing the very same thing.

It was that last incident that the school I coached for, said it was the last straw.

I accept the firing, but here is what I don’t accept and the school administrators should be ashamed of themselves. The wrote a letter to all the parents saying that I, “resigned due to issues with my work schedule.” That would mean that I quit on the boys and that is not true. I don’t understand how they could actually lie to the parents and in the same breath ask them to trust them with their children.

I don’t know how to go to the school or board of directors about it, but if these people are willing to lie in the face of these children what else are they willing to do to these children?

BTW, I got fired 2 days after my team won the ILH D2 basketball championship. Didnt even get to enjoy the season and our accomplishments. Feel sad for the boys.


I’m not sure why they made up a reason for why you were leaving. It would be better just to say, he’s leaving and that is that. It isn’t really anybody’s business that you were fired, unless you want them to know.

This is a personnel matter, so take it up the chain of command for diocesan Catholic schools if you believe you were wrongly terminated, and/or that the school violated your right as an employee by sending out the letter at all. The school should not discuss personnel matters with parents or students. And, no, they should not lie to the students either.

The chain of command would be: principal, pastor (if it’s a parish school), school board, superintendent of Catholic schools (at your diocesan office of Catholic schools), bishop.

That is morally dubious at best.

Thanks guys. I have spoken to a lot of parents and they have all written letters and have spoken to school officials. It is not done yet.

I had 1 game left to coach, why would I resign with 1 game left to coach?

Speak to the Principal, the Pastor, etc. Don’t just go to parents to complain. If you want your job back, you’ll have to work with the administration in the school again and you’ll have to trust each other.

And if you get feedback about what happened in any of those instances, accept it graciously and apply it as best you can. Even though those other teams are rivals, they are also your brother Catholic schools, so you want to have as good a working relationship with the coaches and admins at those schools as you can.

Thank you Mrs. Sally. Of all the schools that we paly only 1 is a brother Catholic School and that incident was taken care of. I have spoken to the AD and am waiting to hear back from him but nothing yet. At this point I don’t want my job back just yet I want more of an explanation to why I was fired just by the words of teams that we played and beat soundly.

It just seems that their word is more concrete than my words. In every instance but 1 I was able to address the complaint. But I was also told that there were some parents from MY school that made complaint about my team winning by 50 points. Those parents don’t even have kids on my teams, I coached 2 JV teams. 1 was the champion and the other was 4th place.

I have been informed that some of the parents involved with our school are the ones that have been making complaints about my teams winning by large margins. Oh well.

That’s where it stands now.

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