Telling my Protestant family that I am becoming Catholic


Greetings all. I will be joining this Easter and I wanted to share this with you. I did not go through RCIA, but I did an exhaustive self-study (continuing) and I felt that I was ready to join the Church. Well I met with the adult faith formation director at church this week and she agreed that I can be confirmed this Easter! I was not sure if this was going to happen or if I was going to have to wait till a later date, so I had not told my Baptist family that I was working toward becoming Catholic.

Well, I made the dreaded phone calls yesterday to my mother and my grandfather. I was prepared for the worst, but God delivered the best! They both respected my decision and were glad that me and my fiance would be on the same spiritual page in our upcoming marriage. Thanks be to God!

I share this as a word of encouragement to others who have to do the same thing. The anticipation is always worse than the outcome and the devil works hard to paint as bleak a picture as possible. But God prevails!

I cannot wait to be Home in a few weeks!


As they say here at CAF, welcome home!

It sounds as if your mother and grandfather share a great faith of their own that allows them to see the advantage of you sharing the same faith with your future wife!
Best wishes for your upcoming marriage too. May God bless you always.


Welcome home! May your witness to Christ bring others home as well.



Yay, congrats :) May your success story encourage others!


Congratualtions! So glad that your announcement was well received!


Yes welcome home to you! I am a former Baptist too, you’ll find there are a lot of them on here!


Welcome Home!

CAF can help you if anyone in your life is opposed to your decision.



Welcome home! And how wonderful that your family received the news well.

I am a fellow convert (from the United Methodist Church, in my case) and while my family took the news very well, some of my friends did not. They have generally come around, or are at least grudgingly accepting of my decision ;).

You’re on a wonderful journey to the Church that Christ founded. I bet you can’t wait to receive the Sacraments!


Thank you all for the encouraging words. achmafooma, you are so right. It is painful to sit in the pew and not be able to participate in the body and blood of Christ. Won’t be long now though!


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