Telling the Truth!


I recently went to Downtown Library in Tucson after coming back from St Augustine Cathedral hoping to find a good book to understand about Marriage in Catholic. When come to having faith in god, it is actually works in both ways. first, we ourself have to believe in god and have faith in him then only God would recognize and grant us the faith that we got in him. I have always try to lead my life in telling the truth and thats what my husband potrays me too. But turn out, he has been lying to me in so many things despite i tried to save our marriage he wasn’t anymore. He went straight to dissolution of marriage. I know my husband lied and he can’t face me anymore as he knows about the cheating and lies that he did towards me. One thing i do believe, when you have faith in god and communicate with god, he always answers your questions. But , deep down in me, i want to believe that it is not his head doing it or thinking about it. He suddenly change from a good loving husband and father to the most hated person ever human can be. How can i help him?? I want to help him to understand about telling the truth and i forgive him if he ever come to me and talk to me, how can i help him to see the truth??


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