Temperaments and sin

From learning about the four temperaments, some need to be in closer contact with God. Does how you feel have any effect on the gravity of a sin? Some people do not feel or ever suffer the consequences of their sins. I am a little frustrated that forgiveness just does not come easily to me. It is not that I do not try. Guilt shame and remorse are good to defeat sin but then I become very discouraged and overwhelmed. I try to harden my heart to sins. How am I going to handle the real world if I am this sensitive and easily provoked? I thought I would have grown out of my very sensitive nature.

The idea that some people need to be in closer contact with God than others is pure bunk.
All are called to the same level of communion and grace. All are tempted.

Perhaps I am misreading you, but it doesn’t seem to me that you really understand what the temperaments are about. I do believe that there are aspects of personality that are fixed; however, we are ALL called to a personal relationship with Jesus and thus to become holier people. But we can all be very holy without being the same. I think temperaments incline us to particular virtues as well as vices and we have to be careful of those.

I am a very sensitive person as well, which definitely has its drawbacks. But it also has its merits. It is easy for me to experience empathy and compassion. But I can be overwhelmed by the knowledge of others’ suffering and be tempted to depression and anxiety. There’s definitely a genetic and psychological component to all of this as well.

I have to admit to being somewhat alarmed by many of your posts. Do you have a regular confessor or can you speak to your parish priest about some of your concerns? That might be much more productive for you; you seem to be very unhappy and unhappiness is not what God wants from his children. It is possible to have joy and peace without pursuing sin.

I know. I know. It really sucks that I do not have a car!!! My last church was within walking distance. I could meet with my priest regularly and confess regularly. I did have a spiritual director. I do not think I have found a bus route to the nearest church.

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