Temperaments compatibility in a relationship?


Do you think compatibility matters in a romantic relationship? The 4 temperaments are choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic.


That’s a lot of big words and if I had even mentioned them to my husband he would have changed the subject and asked what I wanted for lunch.

Yes, compatibility matters, but in the sense of “do you get along day to day”. Not in the sense of “here are four temperaments I read about in a book, let’s take a test to see which category we fit in and whether we’re compatible.” The latter is the kind of thing women used to amuse themselves with in women’s magazines.


I think that’s an ancient way of classifying temperaments. To a certain extent, temperament matters. I couldn’t live with someone who was bossy, moody, or despondent all the time. An extreme introvert isn’t going to get along with an extreme extrovert.

However, I agree with the poster above. What really matters is how you along on a day-to-day basis. You also need common interests. All your interests don’t have to match, but you can’t be radically different people. A beer and hot dogs baseball guy can’t sustain a relationship with a champagne, opera loving woman. Someone who likes to be out and about all the time wouldn’t get along long term with someone who’s a real homebody.


Compatibility matters, of course it does. I don’t really buy into the idea of temperaments, though


Like horoscopes, too. “A Sagittarius should never marry a Scorpio” or whatever.


The only time I heard this is when I was reading the Mystical City of God (confusing sometimes) and it was used to describe the material composition of the body of Mary.


I do think it’s very important really.


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