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I’m thinking about buying a chaplet from Cord Bands (“Rugged Rosaries”), and I noticed that I can have the crucifix changed if I don’t like the one on the “stock” chaplets. I was looking through the options and noticed that I can have the “Knights Templar Cross” substituted in place of the crucifix already on it. It caught my eye, but I don’t know enough about the Templars to know if it’s a good idea. The most relevant thread I could find about them (as far as I’m concerned) is from 2005, but it didn’t quite answer my question- and I’m not eager to look through wikipedia for the information. It seems that they were suppressed by the Pope, and one of the leaders was burned at the stake, so I’m a bit uneasy about putting this on a chaplet.

I just need to know a bit about who they were and if it’s “right” to have this cross put on a chaplet.

The Rosary/Chaplet should help you in your beliefs. There is a degree of “oh, that’s pretty” but I think you might do well to select a cross based on devotion and not the feels.

There has been conflicting information available about them, over the years.

Here is a link with more detailed information about them, right here from Catholic Answers:


The long and short of it is that reputable historians seem to agree that because the king of France owed the knights a substantial debt he accused them of satanism and had them put to do death and then the Pope was pressured into disbanding the order.

There’s a lot of garbage that the Freemasons invented like their pseudo history supposedly reaching back into ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia but it’s all boo boo.

I model myself after the crusaders part of why I became a KofC until I got too busy helping with the mission I attend.

Also why I am very anti-Islamic and militant about my faith.

I’ve read a few books on the Templars and from what I have read Governator is right. They were not suppressed because of heresy (at least, that was not the real reason), they were suppressed because of politics. The Templars were the most wealthy group of individuals out there. They practically owned parts of Spain. The King of France wanted the money and the Pope was weak.

They were basically a crusading order of monks who took vows of chastity and obedience. As the biography about the Templars states, there is no proof that they were heretical or that the Masons can trace their lineage to them.

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