Temporary injunction filed against Planned Parenthood's Kissimmee location

A judge granted on Wednesday a temporary injunction filed against Planned Parenthood in Kissimmee that prevents the office from performing medical procedures, including abortions.

The attorney for the complex of the new Planned Parenthood location on Oak Commons Boulevard, MMB Properties, said they filed for the injunction on July 14 and the judge granted it on Wednesday.

The injunction would prevent certain procedures from being performed at the location because of violating community restrictions.


The original article (cited in post 1) stated . . .

If Planned Parenthood can’t do abortions, they may not be able to stay open . . .

Then someone astutely said in the comment section (of the article) . . .

aron kadek • 8 hours ago
If Planned Parenthood can’t do abortions, it can’t stay open. That just about says it all, doesn’t it?

jaron kadek • 6 hours ago
Yeah, so much for their claim that abortion is only 3% of the services provided. Liars.

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