Temporary professions Sisters of Bon Secours


Sisters of Bon Secours

First Profession


Eight temporary professed meet at mother house

from their blog: [bonsecoursvocations.org/blog/sisters-in-formation-to-gather-at-their-mother-house-in-paris-france/](http://bonsecoursvocations.org/blog/sisters-in-formation-to-gather-at-their-mother-house-in-paris-france/)


It's sad that they don't wear HABIT!

Why would a person leave the world save for clothes? If I see her on the street I will assume she's an officer and pass without asking for a prayer. Some thinks that there's vocation problem while in reality there's no visibility. How would a young person be inspired? You continue being everything than a husband! no offense it's just that I feel sad. In my country this's not common, may be I have cultural shock!

I wish the newly professed sister a wonderful life



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