Temptation external or internal?

I was reading today about the temptation of Jesus in the desert by Satan. The thought occurred to me about the nature of temptation to sin.

Many times for me it seems as if my temptation to sin originates within. Am I deluded or if I
am not, how could Jesus have experienced this?

Is temptation external or internal?

Internal temptations are the result of original sin. They arise because original sin darkens our minds and weakens our will. Adam, Eve, Mary and Jesus did not experience internal temptations as the were free of original sin. They, however, were still subjected to the external temptions.

Didn’t Jesus experience the full nature of man?

Yes. However original sin is not part of the true nature of man.

In the story, Jesus overcome the three temptations and hence Jesus defeated satan. To answer your questions, temptations can either external or internal.
God bless.
In Christ and Mary


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