Temptation to sin when checking cervical mucus


My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and a half. My doctor has recommended I check my cervical mucus to try and determine if I’m having some sort of cycles despite having amenorrhea. I’ve tried checking a number of times, but when I do, I become tempted to masturbate and have fallen into that temptation a number of times. Would it be better to not check my cervical mucus since it has proved to be a near occasion of sin for me? Please pray for me in this struggle of infertility as well :disappointed:


Maybe only check it in front of your husband. Problem solved?


Try Creighton, the method does not use internal checks but external observation of mucous.


For cheking the cervical mucus, there is no need of :

  • going in the internal
  • no need of directly touching the genitals. Collecting it when going to the toilets (every times) on a paper in enough. Then look and touch the mucus.

Is in doing that the temptation/falls are present?
What sort of method do you follow?

The LittleLady have speak of Creighton. there is also Billings for mucus-only method.


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