Can Satan tempt the angels of God to sin?


Satan can tempt the angels of God just as he tempted Jesus Christ in the desert but he will not be anymore successful with them than he was with Jesus.

It is commonly thought that, in the beginning, like Adam and Eve, the obedience of each angel was tested. However, unlike Adam and Eve, an angel’s decision to love and serve God (or not) was final, forever fixed and unchangeable.


With an angel’s ability to see all of time at one instant, they know all the ramifications and consequences of their decisions. That’s why they never change their mind. They knew the punishment of their rebellion even before doing it.


How come Satan and the other angels rebelled against God if their decision to love God was final?

Or did God make the angel’s decision final after the rebellion of Satan and company?


Is it correct to say that Satan and all the fallen angels already knew the punishment of their future rebellion?


Yes, it is. Some say that one would rather be a big fish in a small pond then a small fish in a big pond.

Wasn’t it St. Ireneaus that felt that Satan couldn’t bring himself to worship the God-child Jesus?


I think you misunderstood me a little. It is commonly thought that in the beginning the angels were tested; they were given the choice either to love and serve God or not to love and serve God. St. Michael and company chose to love and serve God; Satan and company chose not to love and serve God and rebelled against God. In both cases, once they made their choice, their choice was final and unchangeable.


Thanks for clarifying. God bless!


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