Live a life of prayer, morning and evening, pray the rosary daily, attend mass daily, spend one hour a week with Jesus in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Love Jesus most dearly and think of Him much. Go for a fairly long time with no or little temptation. Then it hits suddenly and impure temptation comes to the mind and thoughts - especially during the night and upon arising in the morning. And it keeps up strongly and I wonder what is wrong with me. I do not write this to show what I do in my spiritual life but how temptation still comes strongly and wonder what else should I be doing. eddie


Don’t be alarmed that this is happening to you. Many of us, including myself, suffer from the very same thing. It doesn’t matter how much you pray, how devoted you are to Our Lady, or how often you attend Mass – temptations will come for no other reason than the devil seeks to destroy us.

Are you aware of the names of the devil?

He is known as the Accuser because he searches us for even the tiniest fault and once he finds something he points at it, nags at us, and will not leave us alone.

He is known as the Divider because he sees how peaceful we are as we rest in God’s presence and attempts to come between us.

He is known as the Father of Lies because he makes empty promises.

Ask St. Michael for his protection, especially when you are at your weakest. It’s St. Michael’s job to defeat the devil!


Yes, we all struggle with this, as many of the great Saints have…continue to pray and ask God and the Saints to help protect and overcome moments of temptation… God Bless


i am sorry to say…but your a normal person.:slight_smile:
no matter how holy you are the devil will tempt you at all times.


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