Isn’t there two different main types of temptation? There is temptation from within self and temptation from the outside self. We are taught the Jesus was tempted. I assume though, that this means that Jesus was tempted in an exterior way, for instance, by the devil. Jesus did not, however, have evil desires within his own self to which he was subjected to temptation. So, for example, he did not desire to fornicate but yet resist himself. Most of us are not like Jesus. We have temptations that arise from our own evil desires. Yet, many people call these kinds of temptations “from the devil” when it seems more true that we are actually not wholly good, so the temptation is something that is originating from self. What are your thoughts on this?

Well, the concupiscence or “law of the flesh” is the result of our fall and is due to the temptation of the devil, ultimately.

It’s true, not all temptations come from demons :slight_smile: But I’m sure they have nothing better to do than to follow each of us and tempt us constantly as much as God allows them :shrug: Often it is good for us, for temptations are not sin, and they purify and strengthen us.

In general, personally I entirely ignore the fallen angels, and focus on Christ in my poor heart, on the intercession of my sweet mother and queen, Our Lady, and on the protection of my perpetual helper: my guardian angel (who, unlike any demon, is always before the face of God to intercede for me, with the mission to “light and guard, rule and guide” me. :slight_smile:

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