Temptations of Pride in Apologetics

Ever noticed that while you are busy defending your faith by affirming intellectual contentions a little voice creeps in your mind and reminds you if this is really about sharing the gospel or winning an argument?

Once you’re aware of this voice it pops up even more frequently on other subjects not just apologetics e.g. explaining a bible verse to show how clever you are…

Ever notice that?


For sure, it is not unique to Catholics. It is true in the case of any religious group that believes that they alone have found and embraces the complete truth. It is also our human nature to want to be correct. That desire can easily lead to spiritual arrogance. If I am right, you must be wrong and it important for me to prove you wrong so that you can see the light. This approach is both unloving and ineffective. Our calling is not to win the world to Jesus, but to preach the gospel to every creature. Speak the truth in love and leave the results to the Holy Spirit. Do not bruise the potential fruit!:smiley:

Yes, but you can also start going around in circles wondering if you’re being proud all the time.

The devil can use this wariness to stop you witnessing altogether if you’re not careful, and prone to scrupulousness eg. “I’m always proud! I must stop doing this!”

Just accept it, and keep on keeping on.

All the time.

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